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Christmas is For Friendship

I had the pleasure of getting out for dinner/dessert with a handful of people whom I don’t get to see too often.

We agreed on a place and a time, and enjoyed an evening at a gorgeous restaurant.

Life is busy, and as I get older, I prioritize my free time very carefully. Well, at least I try.

Many times I’ve heard that getting together at Christmas time is hypocritical. That the Christmas spirit is bogus. That if you can’t make time the rest of the year, why bother at Christmas time?

I’ll tell you why. It’s a damn good reminder that there is more to life than work, bills and wishing you were living on a secluded island with a muscular, pool-boy who who knows how to shake a mean margarita.

It’s a good goose on the bum to motivate you to make plans.

So, tonight was a kick-off to what I hope will be a season of cozy catch-ups over coffee, boozy brunches with the gals and lingering dinners with friends.

Tonight, as I sat listening to, and talking with my friends, I realized just how fortunate I am to have people in my life who are genuine, kind, and more intellectually and spiritually evolved than the general public.

I’ve come to beware of people who zap my energy and I know my personal boundaries.

So rest assured, if I’m spending time with you, I not only like you, I respect you. Ok, ok, I admit that I do spend time with some folks for the sheer entertainment value they provide. Use your imagination…

My wish for you this Christmas is the same as my wish for me; that you have enough time to spend with your friends to refresh your soul, and enough entertainment to keep some fire in your soul.


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Ready for the Weekend

glamperI’m always ready for the weekend.

More precisely, I’m always ready for a day off.

More recently, with my new gig, weekends are a day, or day and a half long at best, but I make the most of them.

So, today as you head out, if you’re looking forward to a couple of days off, or maybe just one, be sure you set aside some time for something that makes your spirit come alive.

If it’s art, writing, music, dance….do that. And don’t feel guilty about taking the time for yourself.

If it’s special time with someone whom you have a deep connection with, go see them. Set a breakfast date, take a sandwich and bottle of wine to the park, and catch up.

Whatever you choose to do,  savour every moment.

When you’re getting up Monday morning, recall how you feel in your moments of greatest joy, and live in that feeling the rest of the week.

Wishing you a fabulous Friday my tart little rhubarb crisps.  Don’t be afraid to shine.

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Rockin’ The Art Gallery of Ontario

Not having ever been a Patti Smith fan, I poo-pooed the ‘Camera Solo’ exhibit at the AGO before I even had a look. Just great, I thought, another exhibit of work that isn’t worth looking at but for the name attached.  Gimme a break.

I was blown away by the images and poetry on display at the AGO, and have a new respect for Patti Smith as an artist, not just some washed up rock queen.

If you haven’t gone, here’s the info you need to get there: . If you can’t make it, I suggest a copy of her book Land 250. So amazing and beautifully bound that I just had to indulge and buy a print copy.

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Toronto – What to do?

Chocolate Covered Cherries
Chocolate Covered Cherries (Photo credit: nsdis)

I’ve been asked by one of my faithful readers what to do this weekend with her new man.

They have not quite reached the abandon-all-good-sense-and-spend-the-entire-weekend-naked-and-romping-around-the-house stage.

No, they are at the just-getting-to-know-you-and-I-like-the-way-you-snog stage, which requires dating destinations, to inspire conversation and nurture their delicate, fledgling, intimacy.

My suggestion for fellow Torontonians  is Queen Street West. West of Bathurst.

I offer you my favourite restaurant where you’re guaranteed a wonderful atmosphere to share a leisurely weekend lunch. My favourite spot for lunch is Terroni.

My suggestion is to make your way to Terroni first, maybe duck into a shop or two first so you break the ice a little bit and have a conversation flowing before you sit down.

After a couple of nice glasses of the great wines that they offer, you’ll have two options. If your new love turns out to be a bit of a clod when they’re drinking, you can bid them adieu, and wander the shops yourself.

If things go well, and a couple of drinks loosen up your fresh little  love-cannoli, you can carry on checking out the great businesses along the street.   Perhaps you might want to pick up some things to snack on later (after your passionate, hunger inducing, wild, passionate love making).

If you’re thinking of ways to extend your time together, and you don’t want to say good-bye until, oh, let’s say, tomorrow morning. I  suggest a look around Come as You Are.

It is the most person-friendly adult store I’ve ever visited. Not that I’m an expert by any stretch of the imagination. Wait. That’s a lie. I’ve been around the block a time or two, and this is one little gold mine you don’t want to leave untapped. Pun intended.

Besides discovering a great resource for your sexual development, you’ll have a rare opportunity to peek behind the red velvet curtain of your lover’s intimate preferences.  What a gift!

Visit the antique shops and the  great Tibetan Buddhist shop before tackling Come As You Are. That way you can take your time.

From your sure-to-leave-you-both-blushing trip to the adult store,  I would go immediately for dessert.

There’s nothing but  sinfully delicious sweets at Dufflet’s bakery where you can  re-fuel your giddy-date engergy by enjoying coffee and a cupcake. You know, for a little tease of sweetness before you go home to unwrap and slowly devour the man-dessert you’ve been craving all afternoon.

I hope this helps. Maybe I’ll even see you there….