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Kindness – It Matters the Most

kindnessKindness matters.

It really does.

I was reminded of that today as someone extended gracious behavior toward me.

Regardless of how old we get, how long we’ve lived somewhere, worked somewhere, or think we’re familiar with something, we always need help from others. Always.

We also always have a lot going on in our own lives. Family, friendships, hobbies, jobs, relationships, and the battle we wage in our own heads about our own baggage, every, single, day.

Today I showed up in a vulnerable situation and was met with grace and kindness.

If you remember to do one thing today, let it be this; be kind. Even if you can only start with being kind to yourself.

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All The Heaven We’ve Got…

It’s that time. Time to shed the mid-work-week skin, and slide into our own little piece of heaven. Fill your cup darlings. Sit back, relax, close your eyes…”This is all the heaven we’ve got, right here where we are. In our Shangri-La.”