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The Importance of Being Civilized

Rude Cow!
Rude Cow! (Photo credit: foxypar4)

When I was a teenager, I remember rolling my eyes at my boyfriend’s dad when he said something about getting older and appreciating the little things that make us civilized.

I heard his words echo in my mind as I made my way up from the parking garage, dodging a big loogie someone had thoughtfully  horked up on one of the stairs.

As it turns out, I don’t know that anyone has ever spoken words more true than that proper old man as he bemoaned the irritation of rudeness.

I miss the little things that make the world a nicer place to live. You know, like not leaving wads of snot on public stairs.

Public areas are filled with people abusing our unwritten rules of etiquette. At my local mall, you can barely drive your car through the masses of other driver’s who are convinced that their need to park in no-parking zones supersedes everyone else’s need to get where they’re going  or their safety.

At the movie theatre, there is always someone (and not always a teenager my lovelies, most of the time they’re obnoxious adults) whose need to check their phone is way more important than everyone else’s need to relax without distraction. Every single time I go to the theatre, I have an opportunity to practice patience. From a different perspective, I also have an opportunity to do a gross surgical procedure involving the latest cellular technology and  someone’s rectum. It does all really just depend on your perspective.

And then there’s noise pollution. If I wanted to listen to music at 2am, trust me, I’d turn it on, and quite likely, it wouldn’t be what’s blaring from your house.  If I wanted the windows in my car to rattle from a thumping bass line, I’d make sure it happened all on my own my sweet little plum.

In case you’ve forgotten, or were never taught, the library is still a sacred bastion of silence. That means no cell phone sisters, I don’t care what the fashion crime of the day is, put it away.  Chances are the editors at Vogue will understand you’re unavailable.

In short, to make a summary point,  if I want  to walk in snot, I’ll come up with something all on my own without being exposed to your slippery little gem of infectious-contagious generosity.

Indeed, as I’ve aged, I have come to value the importance of being civilized.