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Waving Good-Bye to Summer & How to Like What Comes Next

Every summer has it’s own story…

It’s hard to believe, that today is the last ‘official’ day of summer, what with being in the middle of another heat alert.

It’s a bittersweet season of not wanting the long, sunny days to end and looking forward to the delights of autumn.

I must make a confession, although I’m loathe to see another summer pass by, I have to confess that I love the fall.

Growing up a wild-haired blonde-beach-bum, summer was a season of freedom and self-discovery. Fall was the beginning of nesting, wrapping up our sun-soaked bodies and snuggling in for the winter.

Each year as summer draws to a close, I reminisce about what the summer brought; new love, broken hearts, shenanigans and road-trips. I also look forward to all the pleasures of autumn;

…clear, crisp air, and the beauty of watching green turn to shades of gold, rust and deep ruby reds…


…a fireplace on a wet November day…


…weather cold enough to have an excuse to stay inside and write…


…baking all kinds of yummy Thanksgiving treats…

autumn food

…sumptuous, comfort food shared with friends…

thanksgiving al fresco

…pumpkin spice lattes of course…

Pumpkin spice latte recipe

…rainy November days perfect for sleeping in, reading or movie-watching…

catwindowI hope that you’ve had a delightful summer, that your skin is smiling from the sun, and your wanderlust is somewhat sated.

Here’s to autumn my darlings, and all of the comforting beauty that it brings.

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The Genius of Lazy Weekends

rockandspiritThere is a sly genius hidden within our unplanned weekends.

It stretches out like a bathing beauty whose supple body softly shapes itself around the curve of sand and stone. It does not wear dark sunglasses, a red bikini or a Hollywood-style headscarf for effect. No. This genius is laid bare, skin tone, as the colours of nature. It is often passed without notice.

Genius is not the button-pressing anxiety and pomp of a jeopardy champion, or the thousand-dollar suits worn by CEO’s. No, genius is like the down in your duvet, the moss on a stone, and a stream’s gurgle.

Unscheduled and unplanned time warps hours into seconds and days into months that tag memory and knowing with a clear path connecting the past, present and future.

If you spend your day- off with a to-do list,  an agenda of where-to-be-at-what-time, you may be checking off the mundane tasks you feel compelled to do. These are the tasks that rarely go undone (even if unplanned), often go unnoticed and feed the beast of hypnotic living rather than your well-being.

The creative act of being in nature, making music, stitching, painting, reading, conversation, allowing yourself the space and time to feel joy, mourn loss or fall in love, now these, these are the roots of life.

Put away your lists.

Go only where your heart and mind lead you. I guarantee, your down-time will rejuvenate, inspire, and do wonders for your whole-well-being. You will be awestruck by what you come to know through this kind of stillness.


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Stategic Planning for Summer

strategic plan

A Strategic Plan  list of ‘Early Summer Things’ to do;

1) Plant flowers, herbs and veggies.

2) Pedicures – as many as possible.

3) Break in the new BBQ.

4) Spend hours sipping coffee and watching the baby birds learn to fly.

5) Have many impromptu visits with the neighbours a la patio, porch or front step.

6) Drive with the windows down.

7) Receive the joy of sunshine, green grass and thunder storms

8) Notice the subtle changes in season during your long twilight walks on the lake trail.

9) Sleep with the windows open.

10) Walk bare foot in the midnight grass, hand in hand with your sweetheart….


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Anticipating Summer – Top Ten List

flip flops
flip flops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sun is shining, and the temperatures have finally stretched into the 20’s. Our little corner of the world is waking from the long, cold, winter slumber and reaching out to the hot, humid days of summer.

This is when the world outside comes alive, nymphlike and beckoning us to come and play.

This is the ANDSHELAUGHS Anticipating Summer Top Ten list


1) Flip-Flops

2) Wine on the patio

3) Open windows and a fresh breeze at night

4) The smell of the BBQ

5) Dining Al Fresco

6) Running on the trail by the lake

7) The buzz of lights at the baseball diamond

8) The ice-cream truck

9) Prepping the camping gear

10) Planning the garden

What are you looking forward to???

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Thangsgiving View From The Point

 A rare glimpse of some ANDSHELAUGHS poetry inspired by the many hundreds of miles I have driven this Thanksgiving weekend. I  not only have been entertained by wonderful friends, but also by the beauty of the changing leaves; crimson, ruby, rust and gold.

The earth, despite cuts of concrete and swaths of asphalt, sings out its beauty for one last show of power before the snow falls and sends us into a darker season lit by the steady, clear winter constellations.

The beauty that I have just a few steps from my front door is what I am thankful for every day. Blossoms in the spring, cool shade in the summer, and beautiful colour in the autumn. There is indeed much to be thankful for.


Even this rock has life

Grass pricks up in the hollow scar

like the waking fuzz on a toddler’s head.

Reservoir of battered water,

tossed by speed or storm,

from the deep lake.

There was a moment when seed took root,
what was barren became fruitful;
Beauty from despair.


The whispered gurgle

of water kissing granite –

Is this our human hope-

That in the echo of sorrow

despair will wear like rock,

and in the smallest crevice

meaning will take root?

A cradle from the deepest cut.