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This Summer Don’t Forget to Live a Little

flipflopway of lifeReaching for a box of snack crackers at the supermarket earlier today, I said to a lady, “I’m so addicted to these”. She replied with the all too common response; “I know, I’m so bad.”

Really? Bad because you like to munch on the odd complex carb now and then?

Let it go. Seriously, let all of that shit go.

On the weekend, a teenage girl and middle-aged man were marvelling at the wonders of technology that supposedly measures our health; calories, steps, sleep, heart rate. What on earth are people thinking?

Sure, I need to drop some weight, I’m trying to eat a more plant-based diet, and move my body, but I refuse to feel like I’m punishing myself.

Our anxiety levels about productivity are higher than ever. Our obsession with our bodies does not come from a place of love or acceptance, and it seems that the majority of people walk around forgetting something very, very important -We only get one ride on this planet.

Food, sunshine, water and air are all things to be enjoyed and savoured. Freindships and lovers and muses are  relationships to be revelled in. These have a finite measure, and really shouldn’t be  meted out according to some fucked up standard of what’s right and considered acceptable by the folks who control our media and have a vested interest in keeping us all just a little bit miserable so we buy (literally) into the system.

Our bodies and souls need time to rest, rejuvenate, and yes, even rejoice.

I am barefoot on my patio as I write this, drinking a beer, and listening to birdsong.

My wish for you this summer is warm sunshine, cold beverages, sandy beaches, bare feet, and enough love to make you feel like life is worth living.


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Vacation Planning Tips

Life is a trip!
Life is a trip!

They say that the anticipation of your vacation is as much of a high as the actual vacation.

I would have to agree. Although, I also am going to throw an idea out there; when you’re too busy to enjoy the anticipation of the vacation, you’re far over-due for a getaway.

That seems to be the case at my place. On top of an already hectic schedule, I have had to pre-organize meals and lunches. Even the weekend is booked solid with kiddy obligations, leaving me precious little time to clean and prepare for the people who are coming to fill in while I’m away.

Then there are logistics, schedules, emergency numbers, travel insurance and last-minute packing items.

Someone suggested going to a tanning bed to get a ‘base’ so I don’t burn. Who has time?! Yesterday was a 14 hour workday.  This all explains why I’m kinda known for my famous Irish suntan.

So far, it’s been just a hectic anxiety ridden rush to keep up at home and work. It was only yesterday when I booked my final pre-holiday spa visit to take care of the finer bits that it began to sink in…just a few more days until my chubby porcelain-white buns will be resting on a sailboat in the Caribbean. Ahhh…….

The following is not so much a list of tips, but a reminder to fit in travel necessity planning if you have an already busy schedule;

1) Book your spa time to coincide with your departure; bikini and any other necessary waxing, pedicure, manicure and most importantly about an hour while your tootsies soak to unwind while you flip through the latest edition of your fave fashion magazine.

2) Book your airline limo. Let’s face it, no one is going to offer to drive you to the airport in the wee hours of the morning while it’s minus-this-is-crazy-degrees-Celsius out there.

3) Flight and emergency information emailed to anyone who may care where you are and when you should be home.

4) Currency exchange. Have enough cash stashed to get you there and back, including your pre-flight anti-anxiety bottle of wine – mimosa if it’s a morning flight. Mimosa’s don’t count as alcohol when you’re on vacation darling.

5) Plastic zipper bags. Oh yah – best thing to take on holiday. It will save your luggage from leaking beauty products. Zip them and go my sweets.

Don’t forget to dream a little, and relax while you’re away. Have fun, and remember what it’s like to be carefree.