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When Life Gives You Lemons ~ Get Real

Francisco de Zurbarán - Still-life with Lemons...

I’m a touchy-feely person. Tests have proven I’m a kinesthetic learner. I think hugs make most things bearable, and smiling at a stranger is the norm.

I believe the universe provides. Admittedly it provides what we need, not necessarily what we want my darlings.

I believe the glass is half full, and usually full of something yummy.

I believe  that most fella’s tip the scale on the side of ‘good’ rather than being  rotten eggs.

I also believe that there is a time to ‘fish or cut bait’ or, as the less socially groomed say, ‘shit or get off the pot’.

My Facebook page is awash with positive, upbeat photos, memes, quotes and motivational posters such as these;




The reality is, that sometimes giving up, losing hope and questioning  your faith are the best things you can do. It’s called a reality check.

Sometimes plodding along wondering why things aren’t going your way is because we mistakenly think that determination, hope and faith will get us everywhere, when what we really need is a kick in the pants to dig in and face change.

Let’s go back to the above three examples. The beginning is not always hard. What twitstick came up with that one?

The wise words of my lovely older, wiser friend Ms. T, “If this is what it’s like at the beginning, what will it be like at the end?”, were a wake up call for me when I started dating a large, useless flap of skin.

Beginnings should be fresh, new and exciting. In love as in life, if the beginning is bad, it’s just bad. Get out. Get therapy. Get some bourbon on the rocks.

Sometimes being cheery and loving life gives you no advantage over miserable, energy sucking, peewads.  Sometimes life does not love you back. Some days life spits in your eye, punches you in the guts and leaves you writhing and naked in the ditch of failure.

As much as we need  encouragement, we need validation that things get tough, life kicks us in the beans sometimes, and it’s ok to admit it.

So, for those days, I offer up the following kitschy little sayings;

11blog 12blog 13blog

If you had a great day, that’s terrific my wonderful little cherry pie. If not, it’s ok to say it sucked.

Wishing you more wonderful days than sucky ones.