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Holiday Hangover Brunch

eggsOh don’t get all self-righteous on me you sneaky little devils!

I know that even the most lady-like among my readers over-indulges on occasion.

So, if that is the case, pass this sweet little recipe on to your adoring partner so that they can nurse you back to health. Do it now because the ingredients will likely be something for which they’ll need to shop ahead.

Just FYI, hair-of-the-dog is highly over-rated. Just sayin’….not that I have that much experience with holiday hangovers.

Gorgonzola Custards with Pears

(WAY better than it sounds. Be sure to double the recipe to sate the hangover hungries)


Butter to grease muffin pans

2 TBSP Butter

2TBSP Butter

2 TBSP Flour

1.5 cups warmed half and half

2 eggs & 2 yolks (beaten lightly)

1/2 lb gorgonzola (crumbled)


2 Pears


A Salad bowl full of your favourite mix of greens ( I like spicy baby arugala )

Enough of your favourite vinaigrette for the greens


Prehead oven to 350

Butter 8 custard cups/ramekins and place in pan

Melt 2 TBS butter over medium heat

Add flour and combine well, cooking for about 1 minute

Add the half and half cream slowly, whisking constantly, until thickened enough to coat the back of a spoon (3-5 mins)

Remove from heat and whisk in whole eggs/egg yolk mixture.

Whisk in the gorgonzola until mixture is smooth

Add salt to taste

Pour custard into prepared custard cups and then pour hot water into the baking pan so that it reaches halfway up the sides of the custard cups/ramekins. Cover the pan and cups with foil.

Bake 25-30 minutes (test by inserting a knife – if it comes out clean, they’re ready)

While the custard is cooking wash and core pears, slicing thinly. Combine walnuts, pears and greens, and add vinaigrette to taste.