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Rabbit Revenge

For those of you interested in whether or not I slapped my neighbour across the face with a two day old rabbit carcass, I offer you an update.

This morning, as I padded around my tiny patio and sipped a hot cup of tea, speculating about where I would possibly start my new vegetable garden project, I stumbled on something small and furry.

My heart almost broke. It was the tail of my little rabbit friend. So small and soft, and a reminder of how that little body was so disrespected. Currently the lifeless body is out in my green bin. It’s at the side of the road waiting for the trash collector tomorrow. I don’t even know if that’s where it goes, but based on my a-hole neighbour heaving it into my garden, I think that’s the best place for it.

Staring down at that little puff ball of fur, my first instinct was to mail it to the sonuvabitch next door.  My second thought was that I’d like to pin it to his ass. And then I sat down on the step, and let my heart break a little bit.

I set down my tea, and found my garden trowel. I dug a neat little hole among the tiny purple flowers that form a soft carpet in the shade of the lilac bush, and gently placed the little tail in the hole.  Like a good funeral director, I covered up the spot with a small rock to mark the tiny grave. And then, as I always do when I bury someone, I say a little prayer in my head.

Sitting back down on the step, I looked at the little stone among the short, wild flowers. It’s one of my favourite haunts in the garden; wild and lush and full of every bit of life.

I thought about how much energy the prick next door deserves, and how much of my energy I’m going to allow to be drained.  I thought about what good it would do or not do to torment him. Such a good little buddhist. Such a lovely weight off my shoulders.

Immediately after realizing that I’m not so bad at analyzing my own thoughts, I turned my attention back to the tasks at hand; prepping the tomato beds, transplanting my jasmine, finally getting my dahlias in the ground, building obelisks for my scarlet runner beans…

And then, I turned up the little speaker that keeps me humming while I work. I turned it up full blast and played my favourite album ever; Bat Out of Hell. I put it as close to his open living room window as the fencing would allow, and I dreamed of tossing fish heads over the fence. We have a raccoon problem that I’d like to share with him. I think that making the rabbit-bastard’s life more interesting he may be encouraged to mind his own fucking business.

Note to self: look up rabbit totems, add fish to the weekly shopping list



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Bittersweet Summertime

farmersmarketBaseball season and football season start the official overlap tomorrow at our house. That means autumn is on the way.

The seasons are marked at our house according to what kind of footwear the kiddo needs; football cleats, baseball spikes, curling sliders, court shoes, water shoes…you name it, we’ve got it.

We are at the front end of what I refer to as deep summer.

I am ready to start canning tomatoes, salsa, chili sauce, and pickling beets. I wedge my domestic chores in between practices, playoffs and football camp. Oh yes, and my fuller-than-full-time-gig as a professional, working, single mom.

This is a bittersweet time of year. The sun is setting earlier, and there’s a crisp edge to damp air each evening when I sit out on my little patio before bedtime.

Although I love the summer sunshine,the tail end of the season is more precious because we can feel it slipping away.

I capture the essence of August in the fresh produce put up for another cold, icy winter, and enjoying the sunshine into the autumn.

As sweet as summertime is, fall has always been the season of my heart.

I give you another list;

 ~Reasons that the end of Summer & Cool Fall days are the Best Time of the Year~

1) Cool nights that call for sweaters and curling in up with your true-love under a blanket, watching for falling stars.

2) Canning and preserving all the delicious fruits of your summer time gardening-labours.

3) Pumpkin spice lattes. Pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving turkey.

4) Football season, and cheering on your local team.

5) Fuzzy socks

6) Long drives along winding roads to buy your produce from small farmer’s markets.

7) Winery tours during the grape harvest.

8) Long walks, holding hands and kisses on cold lips and cold noses.

9)  Delicious, hearty stews by candlelight with red wine and hoards of good company.

10) The World Series.

~Wishing you sunny days and a satisfying slide into autumn.~





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May “Two-Four” For Grown-Ups

English: Petunias Petunias with trumpet like f...
English: Petunias Petunias with trumpet like flowers that come in many different colours. These can be found in the conservatory in Thornes Park formal gardens. Ref. 969164 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I grew up on the lake. We had beaches, freedom, youth and fearlessness on our side. The Victoria Day weekend was the first real celebration of Canadian summer, and it was aptly nicknamed May “Two-Four” for the numerous cases of beer that were consumed.

Everyone needed at least one ‘Two-Four’ for the weekend. In my tiny little Canadian town, the firemen held a pancake breakfast, and the Provincial park was full of the first wave of campers that would take over for the hot, summer months.

Fishermen came in droves, and the locals let it all hang out, with partying as their top  priority. It was a ritual celebration to welcome summer.

And then there were the adults. The gardeners. As a rule of thumb in my neck of the woods, you didn’t plant anything until the May ‘Two-Four’ weekend, as that was the magic date that made the risk of frost a mere pip-squeak on the list of natural threats.

Although life has changed and I’m a city girl in every way possible, I still like having my own small patch of dirt to call my own. I have a guerrilla-garden in the city, and this May ‘Two-Four’, I’m looking forward to getting some earth under my nails.

I hear the basil, mint, cilantro, tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini calling to me. My petunias are waving at me from their little plastic shell packs to let them out.

Ah yes, the May ‘Two-Four’ weekend, the ceremonial ribbon-cutting for gardeners across the country is upon us.

Rest assured, I will also be indulging in the Canadian tradition of cold brewskies as well darlings. After all, when you’re this fabulous you must celebrate daily.

Happy first-long-weekend-of-the-summer my friends. Enjoy!

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Anticipating Summer – Top Ten List

flip flops
flip flops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sun is shining, and the temperatures have finally stretched into the 20’s. Our little corner of the world is waking from the long, cold, winter slumber and reaching out to the hot, humid days of summer.

This is when the world outside comes alive, nymphlike and beckoning us to come and play.

This is the ANDSHELAUGHS Anticipating Summer Top Ten list


1) Flip-Flops

2) Wine on the patio

3) Open windows and a fresh breeze at night

4) The smell of the BBQ

5) Dining Al Fresco

6) Running on the trail by the lake

7) The buzz of lights at the baseball diamond

8) The ice-cream truck

9) Prepping the camping gear

10) Planning the garden

What are you looking forward to???