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The Season of Mystery & Light

street lampI’m early, I know.

Advent is not officially upon us, but the shitty greyness of November sure is.

We are smack in the middle of the time of year when everything is bare, grey, and tired.

Not quite officially Advent, the season of mystery, of waiting, of germinating in the darkness so that we may blossom in the light is definitely upon us.

What better way to embrace it all than to try some new stuff?

This year, it’s all new to me; my home, my relationship status, and most significantly, my role as a mother.  Whatever you call your celebration of light in the darkness that you celebrate, the reality is November is often a month of feeling less than sparkly.

As always, I’m embracing it. All of it.  Well, at least I’m trying to. Trying ‘new stuff’ may help ease the doldrums, but is it the solution? I’m not so sure about that.

Being able to be still in the darkness takes incredible strength of mind and spirit. Allowing yourself to feel it deeply without running from the discomfort may be the secret to rising into the light refreshed and enriched. It may also send you to the psych-ward for a few weeks. Chacun son gout.

I try to remember the significance of the tiny lights twinkling in the cold and the darkness. They are the symbols of hope when we are not sure of our place and where we belong, and sometimes that’s all we have.


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The Season of Light

Snow and Lights on Christmas Tree in ForestIf there’s one thing I love about Christmas, it’s the dreamy landscape of Christmas lights.

There’s something about the crystalline quality of lights that twinkle through the icy, clear winter nights. Whether it’s the Christmas tree in my living room, or driving past the city square, sparkling lights are always a gateway to daydreams, wondering and nostalgia.

So this weekend, we set to work putting up garland, trees, villages and patio urns, all twisted and tangled in a wash of lights. It’s a bit of work for a lot of joy.

Tonight dinner is in the oven, and my first batch of short bread will be baked.

Even though we don’t have big, spacious house, we have a home filled with love. This year, when I planted my little summer garden, and set up my cornstalks, pumpkins and Thanksgiving decorations, one of my neighbours poked her grey-haired head out of her patio door, and said thank you.

I put up our lights and decorations so that we have a home to look forward to coming back to at the end of the day, but it makes me feel even better knowing that it makes our neighbours feel the same way.

So, if you don’t want to bother decorating this year, that’s ok, but remember, sometimes it’s your little piece of the planet shining brightly on a dark night that helps someone dream of a better life, and  easier days ahead. It is indeed a season of light, because it is in the darkness we most need a beacon of hope.

After a long, busy autumn, I hope that the next two months find me baking in the kitchen or cuddled in by the fire. Mostly, I hope it finds me with lots of time to spend laughing with my kiddo, and sipping tipples by the fire with my closest friends, dreaming as we gaze at the twinkle lights, and are reminded of what is truly important.