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Anticipating Autumn

fall sceneThat’s it. They’ve rolled up the sidewalks, and declared the end of summer.

The beaches are alone tonight, the tide relaxed in the moonlight.   The swimming pools have wrapped their chain-link towels around themselves and declared their secret depths off-limits until the sun shines in 2014.

As the evening of Labour Day marks the end of summer, it also beckons you to come peek at what’s coming next.


Summer has been a flash this year my darlings.  My gin and tonics were few and far between. I knew that it would be a whirlwind of work and settling into a new routine. Instead of time off, I’ve had to settle for white-wine spritzers while standing by the BBQ, grilling up a quick dinner.

As much as I’ve always loved the freedom of summertime, I have always, always, always loved September my tart little apples.

With a schoolgirl heart, I look forward to the routine, the cozy cool evenings and the bold beautiful show that mother nature puts on for us all.  It’s time to take stock, check out which parts of life are abundant, and which need a little more attention.

Career in line – check.  Kiddo ready for high school – check. Summer berries and yummies preserved on  the shelf – check.

As summer closes her youthful eyes, Autumn is sweeping across the land.  I’m dreaming of some cozy nights at home with my new man (he doesn’t know it yet), giving ‘thanks’ with good friends, a girls’ roadtrip, making candy apples, applecrisp, pear and pumpkin pies and hiking through our beautiful forests.

Red wine, warm cognac, bourbon straight up, and long, passionate kisses on the trail as the sun sets. Rich stews and soups after days at the market and roadtripping together. Rainy Sunday afternoons, curled under a blanket with a book that never ends, roast in the oven, and leaves waltzing to the ground.

I love fall because it’s time to tuck in and cozy up with all that I hold close to my heart.

Wishing you hope, gratitude and a deliciously cuddly love-of-your-life  to snuggle up with by the fireplace as the air grows crisp and  days grow  shorter.