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Trailblazing & Looking Back

blaze your own trail
Copyright I assume belongs to Beringer Vineyards, because it sure as heck isn’t mine!

“Blaze your own trail”. That’s what my inspirational evening post from Beringer Vineyards offered up by way of inspiration tonight.

Two glass of pinot grigio framing a distant, ethereal view of the Eiffel Tower. Beautiful, dreamy, and decadently inspiring.

Odd that I just spent a lovely visit with two of my friends who served me this very same wine following a rather long, cold day at work, isn’t it?

Odd that my cuddly male companion mentioned the same vineyard Friday evening? Coincidence?

Perhaps, but I don’t really believe in coincidence.

I believe in meaning, and paying attention to signs.

Years ago, a series of bad decisions lead me to Beringer Vineyards. They were bad decisions, but they were also what I needed to launch myself from a history of loss and bad relationships.  I didn’t see it that way when it was happening, but in retrospect, my decisions catapulted me into a life with purpose, meaning, and genuine friendships.

But hindsight is perfect isn’t it darlings? They say living in the future makes you a dreamer. I’m not so sure about that though.

Tonight, I blazed a bit more of my own trail. One that no other person on this earth will ever walk in the same way, the same time, or in the same company as I am.

Without at least a few bad decisions, my trail would not have been blazed. It likely would have just been the same rutted, ankle-twisting path that most people follow.

I indulge myself in seeing signs that indicate I am on the right path for me, even if others would call it mere coincidence.

Now, I must pay attention to the other signs too. You know, the ones that are a warning.

I consider something ‘a sign’ when it comes to me three times within a short time frame (say a few days).  So, my warning ‘signs’ this week, that have come in three’s via social media or email are;




aluminum foil


Tonight, as I was preparing for a bit of ‘Blazing’ in my industry, I had an opportunity to take a quiet moment and catch up with a friend. She told me that she’s excited to be moving in with her boyfriend of almost a year.

Now, to a middle-aged-single-parent-career-woman, that is trailblazing.

Perhaps I need to consider the signs again. Are the men in my life Knights or Aluminum Foil Assholes?

Do I really need to be focused on a hobby or work, or should I exhale and take a chance on love?

Time will tell. Of that, I am ever so sure.

Sometimes we must look back in order to move forward. But it is merely a glance over our shoulder if we know we’re headed in the right direction.

Please, send me a sign…..and another glass of that delicious pinot grigio….