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What Are You Good At – Maybe Everything!

catslipper.jpgLast year I attempted to make slippers for my son’s giant feet, but after two tries, I ended up with what looked like a crocheted sleeping bag for our cat. The fat one.

Projects and hobbies are so necessary for me, that I couldn’t imagine my busy life without them. Having lived an adult life filled with responsibility, these small, creative outlets bring me immeasurable joy.

Creativity is essential to the human condition. If you feel listless, find something that makes you smile, and go out and make it. Don’t worry about how long it takes or what the end result is, try to enjoy and trust the process.

Someone once asked me if I was good at anything, given I had so many interests.  It wasn’t a question asked in ernest or with good intent, no, it was sarcastic, and in my twenties, it hurt.

Now that I’m in my forties, I can honestly say that I’m good at a lot of things.  I love doing things that I’m good at, but just as much as doing something I know that I’m good at, I adore figuring out new projects.

This month, my new project is refinishing my old desk (I’ve had it since I was 13). My office at home is completely different than where I work (I’m a funeral director).  My vision is a bright, unmistakingly vamp-fem space where I can work on making people feel their best.

At first I imagined an aubergine desk;



That was until my little Pinteresting fingies found this gem;



My colour pallette now looks more like this;

watermelon pink

Va-va-va-voom! “And how can I help you?” I imagine myself asking from behind this little piece of heaven.

Even better than finding the picture,  I found the instructions on the website, including the paint colour and brand (Krylon)

Can I get an, ‘AMEN’?!

Having a hot pink desk would not be a professional decorator’s idea of fine decor, but that’s not what matters to me at this stage. What matters is how I wish to reflect my personality in my home and personal business space, and hot pink it is!

Yes, there will be eye-rolling by my partner, my adult son, and anyone who has zero joi de vivre. Alas, I feel a pink desk coming on.




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The truth can be seen from many doorways.
The truth can be seen from many doorways.

During recent months, I have come to some sort of peace, having I suppose, learned a lesson or two during my prolonged and regular attendance at the famed, School of Hard Knocks.

Go figure. Who knew that it would eventually pay off?

I’m kind of famous for being chatty, friendly, and a little folksy from my country-upbringing. I like to think of it as my own personal brand of charm. What most people fail to observe behind my bubbliness is that I do a lot of observing. Ironic, but true.

Some of the ‘isms’ I spout have been appropriate as of late. It’s almost as if there is a theme running in my life, and I’ve yet to learn the full lesson.

Recurring themes seem to be;

1) Just because I’m kind, does not mean I’m stupid.

2) You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

3) The truth can be seen from many doorways.

Quite often we meet one another at a threshold; our interactions are a constant balancing act of give and take, talk and listen, lover and beloved.

Thresholds happen to be the place where  most conflict is likely to happen. Thresholds are also the most likely place of transformation and personal growth.

Think about it, the last time you had a tiff with a loved one, you were likely at a doorway, or trying your hardest to get there.Thresholds offer the promise of escape and of safety. They can also be scary and crossing over one means you’re stepping into that frightening abyss of the unknown.

thinkingEach day we bring our selves to the world, and meet everyone we interact with at their threshold.

Think about that one for a while. Let it marinate in your lovely heart.

I’ve come to the conclusion that our personalities can be bright lights promising a welcome, comfortable place to interact as human beings, whether it’s the conversation you have at the grocery store checkout, or  part of a meeting with professionals.

We can also offer a threshold that is ever dark, foreboding, and menacing to approach. Of course there’s always the middle way as well, sometimes light and sometimes dark.

In work and in life I have often been criticized because I like to see the potential in everything, but after living with myself for so long, I’ve decided I’m ok with that.

I’m nobody’s fool, and I’d much rather swing wide the door of my compassion to the world, than barricade it with iron.

Decorate your thresholds accordingly my lovelies, you never know who may be seeking shelter.

P.S. Bringing a bottle of wine doesn’t hurt when you’re knocking…

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A Writer’s Warm Up; Musing on the ‘C’ Word

coffee and writingSometimes when I start writing a longer piece, or decide to sink my teeth into writing my second novel, I do a little warm-up. You know, like runners stretching their hamstrings and doing a little dynamic stretching to loosen things up.

I offer you my Writing Warm-Up today;



; to entrust, to hand over

in other words

; to let go

unfold, open, expose and make vulnerable

peel away, unfold, abide and rest

; to surrender that tender heart

behind the leaves, tough and bitter

; to lay bare

and render vulnerable the crepe thin relic of hope

; to cease clinging,

; to  unclench a seized grip

; to watch the light flood and burst the solid bitterness

washing it all away

except the gem, the heart and the lotus

which roots itself

deep in the muck



in the earth

of commitment.


Copyright 2013

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Wednesday To Do List

English: Vineyard in Napa Valley
English: Vineyard in Napa Valley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, let’s just try to enjoy this. Whatever this is at any given moment anyway. That’s my list for today; enjoy today.

I woke up disappointed, let down, fed up with fair-weather friends, broken promises, and a dripping kitchen tap that was supposed to be repaired yesterday.

Sometimes I need to slow down, get that little tiger of irritation settled down that has awoken and makes me growly. Sometimes I need to just remember the little things I take for granted. Sometimes I need a big ol’ handsome man to give me a hug, settle in with a cup of tea, and dream with me.

Since that likely isn’t in the cards, I will go out into the world today with a list of things to enjoy.




My Wednesday To-Do List…


1) Enjoy my long drive to my first appointment. Enjoy the solitude, the jazz on my favourite station, and the sunshine.

2) Revel in the feeling, and the sound of the fallen leaves under foot during my evening walk. I have the most beautiful little trail at my backdoor which is covered in leaves.

3) Take comfort in the company of my wonderful colleagues.

4) Remember how lucky I am to have a fireplace. Enjoy the warm glow of the fire while I nestle in to read before bed.

5) Listen to my kiddo. Be thankful I have a healthy, wonderful child who is always up-beat.

6) Try to wipe out my negative self talk, and be thankful I’m as strong as I am.

7)  The feel of my  lined suit jacket. In this weather, it feels warm and soft against my skin.

8) Enjoy the anticipation of cooking a homemade meal after work. There’s nothing like trying a new recipe, and settling in to something delicious on a chilly autumn day.

9) Be thankful that I have some solitude to wrestle with my demons. Some folks have to duke this psychic junk out with no quiet time.

10) Surrender, or at least loosen my grip, and enjoy knowing I’m a better person than I was a year ago.

Wishing you a day filled with sunshine of the soul my darlings.


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Tune In to Hear the Method of Her Madness

radioI have many questions sent via the comments button on this blog.

Some are kudos, some are criticism, and some are dear women and men asking for the fabulous advice I tend to dish out here in my own cozy corner of cyperspace.

Tune in Tuesday October 22 between 10pm and 11pm, to CIUT 89.5fm HOWL Radio to hear my second interview with host Nik Beat.

Call in, comment, have your questions forwarded to me….