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Carry Me a Little Further

bourbonstraightupTuesday. Le sigh…

My least favourite day of the week. It’s always been a tough one, a weird one, a wild one, and today was no exception.

So it calls for a hard shot of smooth bourbon and a little Dr. Hook. ‘Cause Dr. Hook is the musical equivalent of bourbon…just go with it darlings.

Pour yourself a tumbler of Basil Hayden’s finest and enjoy. Trust me, it’s a combination that’s good for what ails you.

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Dragging You Through the Week

Tuesday, my lifelong nemesis.

Take a few sips of your chosen poison, and kick back with a little Hozier to help drag you through to tomorrow…

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Tuesday – My Perpetual Nemesis

Tuesdays have always been my  Nemesis, always wanting more from me than I have to give. They are a day that even my university roommate dreaded due to the oddities I happened to drag home with me, either in person or in spirit.

Tuesday – you may be a bitch, but I’m far more fabulous and hard-headed than you will ever be!