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Monday Meditation

coffee sunshineMonday mornings; a gift from reality reminding us that we live beyond our means. Why else would we have given the beginning of the week such a bad reputation?

I only have to work until Wednesday this week, but that’s quite enough, after that I have two wonderful weeks of me-time. Time-off; a little vacation in Peurta Backyarda with my second novel which has been neglected far too long. I have day-trips and a whole-lotta nothing planned.

In other words, I’m going to relax, rejuvenate and refresh. No pressure. No have-to’s. Just a silent alarm clock and an open road if I choose to travel it.

Whatever your week looks like, I hope that you make time for something you love; a silent escape, some physical pampering, and time with someone who feeds your soul. After all, it’s these small dreams that have always made Monday bearable. Those dreams, and really strong coffee.

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Lundi Monday