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Digital Detox: How to Get Results in 2020

Social media sites aren’t so social when you try to cut back.  Apparently you aren’t allowed to be a digital introvert. After ‘unfollowing’ a couple hundred accounts that I had spontaneously followed throughout the years on Instagram, it blocked me from unfollowing more accounts. We’ll see how long my virtual time-out-in-the-thinking-chair lasts.

Withdrawing from unhealthy habits always inspires a quick, heavy-handed jerk on the hook that snagged you in the first place. Sometimes coming clean requires a little messy work and involves a painful withdrawal.

Replace Mindless Media With:

A Beautiful Daily Journal

A Free Course E-Learning Course

Meditation Time & Daily Reflection

New Ways to Nourish Your Body While You Strive For  Positive Change

In lieu of spending mindless hours scrolling and posting navel-gazing pictures of my feet up on a footstool whilst holding a hot cup of coffee, I am turning to more satisfying media in 2020.  For instance, a quick read of a recent article in FastCompany  about how to push through and accomplish the tough goals you set in 2019.

I had goals in 2019. I sought out life coaches, accountability groups, and weekend retreats.  What I accomplished was not what I thought I was going to. I wanted two ready-for-editors-novels. What I got was a reality check about the foundational work I needed to do to get there.

So here it is: 2020, and those fully written first, second, and partially completed third drafts, are stacked neatly on the corner of my desk.  I am no longer fooling myself about my psychological or physical ability to slog through a 9-5 that drains me and be a creative dynamo. I’m raw.

The only thing that helped me get through the holidays was a complete breakdown. Yes, you heard that right. It helped because I’m older and wiser, and I’ve been there before. Experience has taught me that reaching for the life preserver when you’re drowning can be the most empowering feeling in the world.

That article in Fast Company was encouraging. It was the validation that I needed after doing much soul searching during the past two months. And goodness knows we can all use a little extra validation.

Whatever your goals for 2020, I hope that each day you take tiny, meaningful steps toward your wellness. Whether that means eating healthier, or a much lighter intake of digital poo-ha, I hope that your year is amazing. I hope that you surprise yourself with resilience. I hope you have the strength and support to form new-to-you-healthy-habits. I hope you actualize a deep respect for who you are and what you bring to the world.

May 2020 be the year you persevere. May it be a year that your spirit sings with satisfaction.

7 thoughts on “Digital Detox: How to Get Results in 2020

  1. I have been on Instagram for over 2 years now, and the longest I have been away is a day. I have so many amazing friends on Instagram, that I feel like it enhances my life, not depletes it. I have gone on to meet my IG friends in real life, and they are my good friends. I guess I don’t see a need to detox, as I literally miss talking to everyone when I don’t check in. Social Media is what you make it! I like your writing style!! Happy New Year!! Love, Peta

    1. PETA-most of the quality contact I have with friend sis via social media as well. It keeps me connected across great distances and busy lives. I also tend to scroll a lot too🙄🙏

  2. It’s interesting how we learn and grow…breakdowns over the holidays or around the end of a year aren’t unusual. Fortunately in midlife, we have built up a kit with some tools to deal with these breakdowns, and have learned what to take from them to move forward. I hope you also have a fantastic 2020!

  3. Social media is such a funny thing. I take breaks from time to time, but that’s mainly from me posting on my own feed. If one of my IG friends crosses my mind, I’ll check in on them and then I’ll see another and another. You know where that leads. I do work on balancing my time on social media for what I feel is best for my life. Wishing you a great 2020!

  4. This is soooo timely! Spent days on social media sites launching upcoming workshops and I feel like my head is going to explode. Unplug the devices & yourself!

  5. Social media is the worst sometimes, but other times I love it – It’s a love/hate relationship! Nice blog post. Jacqui x

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