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A Natural Lush Muses on Muscle

reclining-goddessBy nature I am voluptuous both in body and soul.

I could think of no better occupation than striking a sideways reclining position on a well-cushioned chaise  while holding court with artists and intellectuals. Dressed in something flowing, yet revealing (likely a deep red or aubergine with gold glitter somewhere near the valley of all that god-gave-me), and drinking a chewy red with a long finish…think California meets Plato darlings.

Alas I must actually work. In a suit that makes me look like a Russian prison guard from the 1920’s.

Which means I also must work-out, if I’m to have any figure at all, and remain somewhat psychologically in tact.

I spoke with a friend of mine who is wonderful, outgoing, and joyful. She told me that her social anxiety is building, and going out in a crowd, let alone going out in a crowd that is sweating in body hugging clothing is impossible for her.

Ladies, I know you are out there. I know that you dread the same things that we do. Do not let it stop you. The endorphins – you need them. The friends you make there – you need them. Sure, it comes slowly, and you’ll have embarrassing moments, but we all do.

Get yourself an outfit that works. You may not feel fabulous, but functional is all we can ask for some days. Pick up a 365 motivational book and read it. Celebrate your body for all that it has carried you through, and give it some love in return.

After hitting bottom recently,  I dragged my bottom back to the gym. And I’m loving it. No, it’s not a joke, and no, I don’t strike a Socratian pose on a mat and sneak wine in my plastic sippy cup for adults while ogling the man-steak. I actually sweat and make a tiny effort.

Today, after my little perspire-a-thon, I relaxed onto the floor to do my stretching, which, incidentally is my very favourite part of the whole gym thing. I then made my merry way back to the change room to disrobe of my sweaty gym stuff and pile on a plush towel for the basking-in-the-heat-of-the-sauna portion of my strict physical regime.

Finally, and without a grand show of nipple or jiggle, my favourite white sports bra gave up the ghost. Not having it let loose on the gym floor, or while I was doing my back extensions was a small miracle, but one that I appreciate very much.  I’m also kinda happy that I actually used the damn thing and didn’t let it set in my drawer next to my unused boa and fishnet body stocking…but I digress...

Reading my magazine,wrapped in a cozy and colourful towel in the sauna, I sweat out the gunk and gave a quiet thank you to the universe. Thank you for providing a great facility so close to home. Thank you for new friends. Thank you for not letting the girls run free in public because of a wardrobe malfunction.

To celebrate? I’m going to stretch out in my sweats tonight, sip a glass or two of my favourite red, and muse poetically on…







A little bit quirky, a lot a bit fun... Women have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to valuable experience. Throughout we history we have encouraged one another to live with courage. What better way to celebrate our gifts and wisdom than to toast our sisterhood with creativity, shared insight and laughter? Welcome to Sit down and stay a while. Invite your friends. Share your wisdom with us.

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