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Thanksgiving & Not a Piece of Turkey in Sight

thanksgiving-snoopyIf you didn’t get your annual invitation to my Thanksgiving party this year, it’s because I didn’t have one.

The notice is out for our Hallowe’en bash though, so shake the dust off your costume and come prepared for some fun. For that I will be truly thankful – a bunch of adults acting like kids and an entire evening of silliness.

I do miss my leftover turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, but I don’t miss feeling obligated to do it. So this year, let me say that I am thankful for change.

Yes, change is scary, and vast, and sometimes it is a little overwhelming. I’m not talking about the nickel that I found next to my sweetie’s errant sock on the bedroom floor today. No, I’m talking about big, life-moves-on change. Taking a lesson from my most awesome mumster, I am excited about this new chapter that I’ve been blessed with.

For the first time I ran with my partner, (that’s a big deal for a private woman like me),spent a holiday weekend savouring a meal someone else cooked, and spent time in a different, refreshing atmosphere.

Instead of asking what my kiddo wanted for dessert, when what he really likes is being with his pals, I left him a surprise treat for when he gets home from grandma’s. Instead of planning and budgeting for a big dinner, I was spoiled to a weekend in wine country. Rather than cleaning up all night last night, I curled up by the fire and watched my favourite team sweep their rivals on the way to the World Series.

This year I am thankful for my wonderful son, my own determination to thrive, my amazing friends, and my loving man.

This year I am thankful that there is no turkey, stuffing or pumpkin pie in sight, although, if you’re out there great-Thanksgiving-Fairy, it would not go unnoticed if you arrived at my place of work this afternoon with a plate of culinary-thanksgivingish-delight.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, whatever it is that you may be thankful for this year.



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