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The Awesome Power of Stillness

outsideBurn out – it’s a thing.

Turns out burn out is in. It’s here, and it’s happening right now. To a lot of us. Especially the women in my life. We are expected to be givers, and are still judged not only on how we care for our families and homes, but also how financially successful we are. And don’t forget of course, we have to be beautiful while we’re accomplishing the impossible.

If you have not yet read Lean In, read it. You need to.

It’s taken me over three months to let the fact that I’m completely and utterly burnt out, sink in.

This morning I sat in my jeans and a sweatshirt on the patio and just absorbed the still quiet of the morning before putting on my suit and heading in for another 12 hour day. I now understand the stereotype of old sanitoriums where patients sat outside like zombies tucked in Adirondack chairs,staring at the trees and sky. It’s incredibly healing and powerful, and if I could, I’d take six months to do just that.

But that’s unrealistic.

With just a little quiet and alone time, I find that I’m coming back to myself. The spark of my creative spirit is still there, even if it’s just a tiny flicker. Ironically, it is in the deepest dark that you’re able to see the tiny spark that’s left after you’ve given your fire over to the grind of daily living.

I am vowing to take some time for stillness, quiet, and the peace of being alone in order to heal, rejuvenate and look forward to what comes next.

I hope that you are able to commit to doing the same for your own tired, gentle soul.


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