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Summertime To-Do List

being happyYou can’t have it all.

Seriously, you just can’t, unless you want the anxiety to go along with it.

So, instead of giving you a ‘Summer To-Do’ list on top of all of the other stuff you have on your plate my darlings, may I suggest a “Less – More” list?


Less City – More Beach

Less Kitchen – More  BBQ

Less Glamour – More Flip-Flops

Less Cohen  – More Calypso

Less Contemplating – More Laughter

Less Solitude – More Friend Time

Less Formal – More Casual

Less  Agenda – More Spontaneous Road Tripping

Less Accumulating – More Making Space

Less Hurry – More Mindfulness

Less No – More Yes

Less Worry – More Wonder

Less Dwelling in the Past – More Letting Go Into the Future

Less Bourbon – More Gin

Less Work – More Kiddo

Less Should – More Let’s

Less Waiting – More Freedom

Less News – More Art



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