National Wine Day

Dear Wine,

This letter  is long overdue. I confess that lately gin has swayed me away from your bacchanal charms. Please forgive me for waiting so very long to remember my love for you.

I have loved you in proper settings, paired with the right food and dull company. I have sipped you at world renowned wineries, with once-in-a-lifetime lovers. Although I love you always, I mostly love you when you’re dumbed down on my little patio, whispering craziness in my ear.

Wine darling, you have  buoyed me up when there was nothing else; no money, no man, and no plan.  You were there with me in the change-room when I’d surpassed my sexy weight and helped me find something that made me feel like I had my groove back again.

You offered me the pain-numbing support of your alcoholic tonic when it was just myself, a hot-wax pot and  my bikini line. You may not have helped with accuracy, but you sure as hell helped with the perseverance part of the grooming. I bow down in thanks for all of the delightfully delicious fun in my girly bits that your aesthetic anaesthetic allowed for.If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Wine, you are our life-coach.
 You inspire  me to  open the gate for  inhibitions to escape and allow my morals, ethics, standards and sense of humour explore new frontiers.  You have  soothed the tender skin of broken relationships, bad days at work, and wondering how the hell life passed by so quickly.

You have introduced me to wonderful friends and even more wonderful lovers. Oh, thank you for the lovers.

Today is your day, an in your honour, I raise a chilled glass of rose in gratitude.


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