Get it While You Can: Valentine’s Advice for Cynics

tacky undiesIt’s all bullshit.

That’s what you want me to say isn’t it? That the flowers and jewellery and lingerie and night(s) of hot sweaty sex are romantic hypocrisy akin to people who only go to church on Christmas eve.

Well, I’m not going to say it.

No. I’m going to suggest that you suck it up and get it while you can darlings. I’m going to tell you that life is short, and you’d best just damn well lighten up and enjoy it.  I’m going to tell you to quit denying your decadent desire to ooze sensuality.


Splurge. Buy the panties or whatever other ridiculously tacky, dirty and would-embarrass-you-to-death-if-anyone-you-knew-walked-in-here-and-saw-you-buying that.

If you’re going to do it, do it right. If it’s love, be bold. If it’s not love and it’s just a bow-down to the great gods and goddesses of sensuality, don’t insult them. Go all the way. Sacrifice up something hot and steamy. Make them blush.

Trust me, you’ll have many, many opportunities to be self-conscious, be disappointed, feel insecure or give in to fear and cynicism. You’ll have other days to be realistic about your relationship, lack of relationship, ‘it’s complicated’ status, or other such nonsense.

Get it while you can darlings, and for the love of all that’s pink, give it a good squeeze when you do get it.



2 thoughts on “Get it While You Can: Valentine’s Advice for Cynics

  1. What a wonderful post! My wife had died about 6 years ago. 3 1/2 years ago, I got fired because I started transition from male to female. 2 years ago I started this job at a funeral home and have been here since. People know or can tell that I’m transexual and most don’t seem to care. I’m their funeral director and I try to be their friend. But, I’ve been alone all this time and recently have met a wonderful woman. A person who treats me “like you deserve to be treated” (in her own words. We’ve been seeing each other and though she is much older than I, she loves me and I love her. I totally agree, that life is short, grab it while you can. To paraphrase Grace Jones’ character on Conan the Destroyer, “Grab it! TAKE it!” and I’m doing so!

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