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Be Thankful for Those Gentle on Your Mind

turkeycatI have to make this a quick one…

I have 25 people descending on our wee home in a few hours, and I’m still in my nightie, working on my first cup of coffee, and trying to help a dear friend in a crisis of the heart.

My girlfriends and I have moved past the ‘get-the-bastard’ stage of life to the, calm-down-breathe-and-hear-him-out stage. If he isn’t genuine or sincere, the default is back to ‘get-the-bastard’. I’m trying to help her avoid that.

My hair looks like Mick Jagger and my lounge-wear screams Phyllis Diller. It’s not pretty folks.

But it will be.

Whatever family crisis the long, holiday weekend may find you in the midst of, remember, this too shall pass. You are loved, and forgiveness goes a long way. Love has never been a straight, easy path. It meanders, turns back on itself, and often times the path is unclear.

Today, even though my own romantic and foolish heart is still mending, I am thankful for my friends. I’m thankful for those friendships that weigh gently on my mind and know will answer the call of connection when I feel lost.

Wishing you gratitude this Thanksgiving.

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