Wednesday Meditation: Misery Loves Company But Doesn’t Deserve It

steaming-cup-of-teaA lesson I’ve learned this week is that misery loves company. Misery loves company like I love wine, intellectual conversation and a man who knows how to laugh.

If you are unhappy or stressed, or wondering why in the heck life has to be so darn difficult, I implore you to look deep down into your wee little capitalistic heart. That’s it darling, dig down, way down, and call up your common sense.

If you can take a step back for a moment and look at things objectively, you’ll be surprised. Just being in the moment helps. Realizing that our little worlds are not the centre of the known universe also helps keeps things in perspective whether it’s work, friendship, family or a relationship.

Just keep it simple.

Stay away from people who thrive on creating and sustaining their own misery. This is something no one can help them change but themselves. Misery loves company, but until it can lighten up and laugh, it doesn’t really deserve it.


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