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Monday; When OK is Excellent

It's the little things..
It’s the little things..

Too often people hope for big successes, you know, spectacular romance, an enviable job with an outrageously generous salary or  luxe stuff.

Most days I’m just really glad I wasn’t killed during rush-hour traffic, that I manage to get through a day without losing my patience or crying in public.  I’m also pretty proud of myself when I have time to pee during the work day (that in itself is a small miracle), and find that I have neither put my panties on inside out, nor backward.

What I’m trying to say my darlings, is that life is a series of small victories day-after-day, hour-by-precious-hour that we completely take for granted.

At a function this evening, a woman whom I met years ago during a post-grad course asked how my book was coming along. Not in the nose-turned-to-ceiling way that people who are too scared and uptight to express their creative spirit might ask while holding a cocktail wienie in one hand and the latest douchey cocktail in the other. No, she asked it in a kind way, genuinely interested in what I was working on. We discussed her young child, and the joys of parenting.

Surrounding myself with good people whom I call friends and acquaintances is much more a victory than a brand new car, a two-carat statement of love, or mortgage I can’t really afford.

Re-connecting with this wonderful person, was one of the things that were OK today. As were;

  1. Getting to an appointment on time.
  2. Having time to listen to a much-adored  high-school chum unload relationship el-poopo.
  3. Eating one of the first fresh apples of the season
  4. Not getting a run in my pantyhose.
  5. Hot, fresh coffee at 2:00 p.m.
  6. Happy hour under twinkle lights on our little patio after a long, long day.
  7. Talking to my sweetheart.
  8. Having time to be silly with my friends on social media.
  9. Concocting a new recipe and having success!
  10. Not crying in public.

Wishing you a day of things that are ok, because ok is what makes a life. Ok can be excellent if you allow it.

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