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An Ode to The Men In Our Lives: How I Wish Time Would Find Us

timewouldfindusIf I had my way, time would find us waking, well-rested just before sunrise.

We would brew our coffee and settle in somewhere outside on the grass to watch the world slowly wake to the splendor of another day.

We could contemplate the world in silence, side by side.

I wish that time would find us oblivious to its’ greed and persistent wasting, so that I could lose myself in the marvel of contentment which is the companionship of your body and soul, not wondering, or knowing that nothing is permanent and that these will be counted as some of the best days of my life.

I wish that time would find us innocent once again, before we knew disappointment or the difference between dreams and what must be.

Time would not find me painting my complexion on, over tired skin and tired eyes.

My hair would grow long and I would give it permission to be wild and unruly, and something that you tangle in your hands when we kissed, bodies relaxed from sleep in the middle of the dark night, when the rest of the world thought we were sleeping.

I wish time would find us so utterly lost in the wonder of our kitchen; food and buttery fingers just waiting to be savoured and kissed, taken in like a great blush of satisfaction and indulgence.

I would feed you, my beloved, with sweet things, and wine and the delicious abundance of every season. You would kiss it all back into me, and we would collapse in a heap of delighted satisfaction, lost in the shared rambling of our thoughts.

It would find us vulnerable and shaking. It would know our fears and tears and sorrows, so it could truly delight in our joy and silliness, because we’re good at all of that.

Time would find us as we are now, with me quietly taking in  how the sunlight touches your long, masculine legs and the way that you consider everything, filtered through the glasses that rest on your perfect nose, and twirl it around on its axis until it all makes sense in the beautiful way you absorb the world.

Time would find us lost in the deep soul-knowing that comes from loving with a tender fierceness which  takes courage and just a little bit of recklessness.

It would find us right here, as we are now.

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