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Always Choose the Frilly Panties

ginintonicWhen choosing between books and frilly undies, my advisor  Dr. Tanqueray strongly suggests the frilly undies.

You see, we were bonding this evening over the website. when my wee-girl-brain started to envision my man’s shirt off and trousers around his ankels.

Whilst staring off into space while the book-nerd website waited patiently in front of me, dear old Dr. Tanqueray asked the question that begged answering, “Would you rather have the book, or the panties.

I’m delighted to say that the panties won out. Hands down. Thank you Tanqueray. Had my senior advisor, Coffee, been around, the book would definitely be en route.

Now, don’t roll your eyes and click away from me darling. You must understand that this comes from a woman who refuses to spend a dime on wedding magazines, and hates shopping malls.

What we’re talking about here is just letting ourselves indulge in a bit of, well, indulgence.

At this age and stage, I’m proud to tell you that I’ve purchased, worn, and test-driven every silky, sensual and sleazy bit of paraphernalia that anyone could ever hope to romp around in with an excruciatingly decadent lover.

But I was over that. So very over that. I thought that it was gone forever. I thought I was destined to my regularly scheduled program of back-up men and really, really good books, booze and gal-chats.

Then it happened. From somewhere out in the great unknown, Mr. Deliciously-Perfect-and-Uber-Sexy man appeared in my life. And now I need pretty things again.

Not for him. Oh no, my sweet little cherries of love, I need them for me!

That’s right darlings, moi. You see, nothing makes me feel any sexier than a hot, candle-lit soak, accompanied by some Cava, soft, warm legs with freshly applied lotion, and some lacey bits. Life is too short to deny oneself the pleasure of pleasures of the flesh.

Trust me ladies, when you’re fantasizing about it, not matter how old, how robust, or how many times you’ve been around the block, a new lover deserves a freshly rejuvenated you. A new once-in-a-lifetime

Always, always, always, go for the panties. If you have any doubts, consult with Dr. Tangueray.

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