More Things that Make Me Happy

I’ve been sick. Sick as in fevered-sore-throaty-sniffly-icky S.I.C.K., sick.

Not only would you not like keeping my company when I’m feeling physically hellish, but I don’t like keeping it either.

Fear is my go-to evil. I think for most people, fear is the demon that holds us back from most things. So, being sick and still, I’ve had a lot of time to wrestle with my demons. To give my fear a kick in the ass, and much-needed, full-on southern lady-like slap in the face, I give you a list of things that make me happy;

1) The idea of Gertrude Stein’s salon/living room/artist’s confessional.

stein's living room

and artists like Amanda Palmer

amanda palmer

2) The ever-present voice of my pal Virginia saying, “Maybe you need a little Seth.”

nature of personal reality

3) Access to a zillion lovely restaurants in the city…my favourite being Terroni on Queen St. West.


4) Campfires at twilight


5) Unexpected romance


6) Fall, fair food


7) Drive-In theatres

drivein8) Perfectly mixed G&T with lime after a long day at work

gin and tonic

9) Gentlemen…whether they’re of the platonic or potential love interest type


10) People, places and things which remind me to embrace fearlessness and remain grounded no matter what anyone expects



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