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The Smarter You Are…

readingRumour has it that the smarter a woman is, the more likely she is to be single. Rumour also has it that the higher your emotional intelligence, the more likely you are to suffer anxiety and depression.

Ok, rumour, evidence based research, whatever. I’m just going to roll with it. All of it; with a bottle of J.P. Chenet 2012 Reserve and a whack of Lindt Dark-Chilli spiked chocolate. Bob Dylan will also be joining me whether the neighbours like it or not.

After a recent series of intense, weird and full-on encounters with men, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am clueless about what they want. Seriously darlings, they fascinate me.

“1983. It was a good year,” a lovely gentleman said to me during a meeting.

I looked up from my paperwork and asked why.

“That was the year I thought I knew everything about women.”

We both laughed. Being of the same vintage, and tipping the scale on the early side of middle age, we both had come to realize in our had-seen-better-days-bones that neither of us had a clue what the opposite sex wanted. Forget about binary sexuality even, I believe that intimate relationships have a fluid comfort zone, with ever-changing boundaries.

At this time, I happen to have a handful of men who have made a debut in my life, only to remain in the wings, which, may be exactly what should be happening right now.

I have a deep need to de-clutter, re-decorate, and nest right now.  I also have a desire to pack a bag and hit the highway.

Usually this is a sign of something life-changing on the horizon. So, for now, while the deliciously, dilly-dallying men-folk in my life decide what their next move is, I shall carry on making my home brighter, more tidy, and more delicately my own.

You know why? I just don’t care to care any more. Life has taught me that the good ones make you feel amazing from the beginning, not lacking or wanting. They leave you sated and smiling.

I shall also carry on with champagne, chocolate filled strawberries and the occasional afternoon delight. I am human after all.

As it turns out, the smarter you are and the more emotionally intelligent you are, the more careful you are about choosing your companions.

May the best man have the tenacity to take the spotlight, and may my decluttering be ruthless.

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