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Bathtime Vespers & I Rocked It Wine

catpeeToday was one of those defining-career days. I’m not much for feeling nervous and tend to be pretty calm in crisis. But not today. I was strung tighter than a Grand Ole Opry fiddle.

So, as it usually does, when you need the day to run smoothly, it starts off with a bang rather than a calm slide into business.

As I was fussing over my hair (it needed to be just so), I heard a muffled yelp from the kiddo, “Willie Nelson! Stop that!”

Apparently, Willie Nelson who had woken us up at the crack of 5:11a.m with unholy howling and batting at the vertical blinds like some kind of frantic interpretive dancer, had made the executive decision to hang a wiz in the bright green beanbag chair directly across the room from the kiddo who was filling his gob with breakfast.

According to witness reports ( the kid), Willie Nelson jumped up into the chair, turned around, looked him (the kid) in the eye, and proceeded to squat and urinate in what was assumed to be protest over the kiddo not doing his chores and providing a respectable place for the feline to piddle.

Although quick, the kiddo was not quick enough to save the chair. Willie was quicker, but he was not quick enough to stop peeing midstream and managed to catch the corner of the rug and a nice piece of the hardwood floor with the determined work of a cat trying to make a point.

This morning, when I needed to look my best and be on time, was the day that he decided to strut his catness.

Between playing attack cat to the stray on the other side of the patio doors and loaning his signature cologne “Parfum de Pee-Pee” to the ultra-absorbent chair, Mr. Willie Nelson then moved to my writing desk where he proceeded to chew and gnaw, (and not so quietly) on my “Plant of Steel” (I’m not kidding, there’s actually a sign in the plant that says it will survive all environments). My Plant of Steel now just looks like a hurricane ripped through and left paw prints on the desktop.

In a frantic attempt to placate his hairy highness, we made a duel effort of changing the litter box completely in order to avoid coming home to the lovely and unmistakable scent of cat urine. In the process, half of the dirty litter ended up on my pants and my freshly panty-hosed feet.

I love my life.

I kept reminding myself of this as I trudged to the car, briefcase, purse, lunchbox, kiddo, knapsack and baseball bag in tow.

I love my life.

Ironically, Willie Nelson our cat inspired me to turn to my go-to-mellow-music; Classic Willie Nelson.

Driving down the boulevard to work, I happily sang along to Willie’s version of Graceland, and marveled at the lyrics. Help Me Make It Through the Night, helped me make it through the day.

We all know what happens when a day starts out like this right? It gets worse. And it did….

…but then it got better.

I accomplished what I had set out to do; to rock my own little corner of the world and show off the awesomeness that is me.

You never know what life is going to surprise you with, but I can tell you this, hard work does pay off, if only for a few hours when you know that you’ve accomplished something to be proud of. Not even a beanbag chair full of cat pee can put a damper on that kind of fabulous.

So tonight, I leave you with one of my favourite classical pieces. I shall be bathing with Rachmaninoff tonight darlings, and we will be opening a very special bottle of Pinot Noir to celebrate.

Sweetest of dreams to you…xo


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4 thoughts on “Bathtime Vespers & I Rocked It Wine

  1. I can totally relate to the Willie Nelson story. Both my cats are fine at that end, but if I say “no” to the boy cat he runs for a carpet and tries to be sick on it. Usually I shoo him onto the wooden floor and I’ve learned not to say “no” any more 😀 ❤

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