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That’s What Living Means To Me

vonnegut1As you read this, I’m perched somewhere out in the ocean, looking out on a perfect horizon.

Taking a break from every-day life has given me some much-needed perspective.

Too often we over think our feelings, and worry what others will think if we choose one path or another.

What I’ve learned so far is that those people who are critical are not your friends. Your friends are the ones who think you’re crazy, but stand on the side lines and cheer you on when the rest of the world thinks that you’ve gone mad, or at least off your meds.

vonnegut2Take chances. Fall in love; head over heels, madly in love. Trust your heart when it comes to loving, not your head, or the ‘should be’ angel on your shoulder.

Create, take chances, and try something new when you go to work. The world needs people who aren’t afraid to be human and who love waking up in the  morning.

The world needs more passionate lovers instead of people checking off a list of invisible boxes of what a relationship should look like, and what kind of material security it can buy in this world.



vonnegut3The world needs kindness and compassion and humour and joy.







My wish for you today is that you find a moment or two to stop and listen to what your heart is telling you. Is it telling you to play it safe, or run for your life? Is it telling you to work harder at a relationship, or is it screaming, “Last call”?

Take a few minutes and listen to the silly man who makes a living doing what he loves for people who are happy he followed his dreams.



A little bit quirky, a lot a bit fun... Women have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to valuable experience. Throughout we history we have encouraged one another to live with courage. What better way to celebrate our gifts and wisdom than to toast our sisterhood with creativity, shared insight and laughter? Welcome to Sit down and stay a while. Invite your friends. Share your wisdom with us.

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