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Decluttering Life

holdingonlettinggoDecluttering is an ongoing part of life, kind of like breathing. There is always a taking in what is needed and letting go of what is slowly killing us.  It’s usually the letting go that we find difficult; relationships, body issues, sentimental material goods….

Before I get rid of anything, I ask myself: Do I need this?

When it comes to ‘stuff’ my answer has more and more been a firm and effective no. Relationships on the other hand, well, let’s just say that I’m a tough old gal, and I’m starting to get the feel of ‘yes’. As in yes, I do need this. I do need love and nurturing and the occasional bout of being treated like someone’s true love.

Discernment has been at the forefront of my mind in recent months and I’ve realized that my life is cluttered, which is most likely at the root of my home being cluttered.

Wishing you and I both the discernment to know what to nurture and what to set free.

My life is stuffed-to-bursting with people and things that need to be dusted off and shipped out to new places and people who will cherish and love them.

The new year has renewed my restlessness and strong need to declutter. I’m craving rejuvenation. It’s time to clear out, move on, and get my groove back. It’s tough to be groovy when you’re weighed down with ‘stuff’, so today it started.

I don’t generally make resolutions, so I’m just going to honour the voice inside of me which is screaming; “I CAN’T BREATHE!”. The only way I can think of giving my beleaguered soul some peace is to declutter; my body, my home and my heart.

carlinedeclutterTime to let it all go. Time to set all of my ancient soul-junk on fire and release it on a swift ice-flow to the past. Time to exhale.

Today I dug out a baby shower gift that is long overdue. This week I will buy wrapping and deliver it to the proud grandmere. I also have a birthday gift now wrapped and ready to be sent in the post. Yes, today was about getting paper out-of-the-way.

The magazines are culled, with only a few Buddhist publications and décor magazines left to inspire the painting and decorating that was meant to happen last summer. Le sigh…life moves quickly indeed.

My kiddo has been assigned a huge pile of shredding, and the cat toys have been wrangled up and put away in his cozy little bed. Which, as you’ve guessed, he never uses. Wires have been hidden, houseplants have been brought in to restore air quality and an atmosphere of cozy tranquility.

A couple of months ago, I decluttered my phone contacts. I did it on a whim just before I slipped away to dreamland. What a liberating feeling.

Discernment and declutteing; I’ve got a long way to go, but it’s a start.


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8 thoughts on “Decluttering Life

  1. Maybe it’s time I had another throw out. It’s amazing how much piles up over the few months since I last cleared stuff out ! Thanks for the reminder my friend. ❤

      1. The apartment is fine. It’s the hidden extra “stuff” in cupboards and shelves that need removing. I have a cousin on the Isle of Wight who built a boat in his front room. Now that was clutter ! 😀

  2. I am on the same mission. Getting rid of everything and everyone that is not good for me, loves me or supports me. On a rampage here – clothes, books, cds, art canvases, pots, dishes, glasses, FB “friends” etc. And most of all people who never call me except when they want something. Also on he list – old boyfriends. Didn’t work out the first time, so don’t waste my time. Loose my number cause I have lost yours. You name it and it is on my list. Feel so light already and am welcoming getting my groove on tomorrow and back to the bustle.

    Good luck with your new year. Sounds like you are on fire and bringing in the new. Be well and may love find you and sweep your off your feet.

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