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When You’re Wrong About ‘The Guy’

anaisninwrong I was wrong about, ‘The Guy’.

Thank goodness this time it only took about 24 hours to get ugly. Although my heart may slow me down with sentimentality, I’m getting faster, and I’m afraid that as emotional beings, that’s the best that we can hope for – cultivating discernment.

I finally found the right filing drawer for this guy. It begins with ‘Sociopath’ and ends with ‘Lose the Number Asshole’.

If the word ‘sociopath‘ doesn’t mean anything to you, look it up darlings, because this story is about a sociopath, minus any knowledge of criminal activity, or I’d have his ass arrested.

After 13 years he had me fooled again. Yep, that’s right. He’s not the guy, he is the moving force behind, Why I Stopped Dating Part 1 and Why I Stopped Dating Part 2.  It must have been the double scotch I had before I met him the other night, or simply that I refuse to give up on some kind of decent standard of a man.

This morning I got the text. I’m sure you know ‘the text’ ladies, or the phone call, or the whatever whiny-assed-lameness that brings them to a strong woman’s doorstep. His needing to talk about some wrong done to him, and what a great guy he is and wah, wah, wah. Then the let’s not be attached to outcome line about relationships and all of that bullshit.

How’s this for not attached to outcome you passive aggressive whiner? Fuck off.

Men, if you are attracted to, and remain with weak women, that is your problem, not the problem of women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go out on their own and get it. In other words, your whining and victimization of yourself is not sexy. At all.

Afraid of commitment? How very refreshing.

The one lesson that you can learn from my rose-coloured glasses treatment of this sociopath, and I’m convinced now that he is, is that I had a great meal.

Quit laughing.

If I have learned one thing throughout my years of dating, it’s that a gal must eat, so why not enjoy it? I ensured we went to one of my favourite places. I ordered my favourite meal and not one, but two glasses of my favourite wine, a double espresso and dessert (even though he didn’t feel he needed dessert, I sure as hell did).

So, that is my one nugget of wisdom. Make sure you go somewhere you like. Atmosphere can mute a lot of disappointment. As can a good meal.

That is all my darlings, that is all.




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