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A Box of Chocolates for Christmas

chocolatsOne of my gal-pals told me that whenever someone gifted her a box of chocolates she felt insulted. Insulted that the gift-giver gave her a generic gift.

Hmm? I could see her point, but I also had my own feeling about the matter as well – surprise, surprise.

When was the last time you bought yourself a box of chocolates? Not a chocolate bar, or a chocolate snack of some sort, or a decadent dessert while you were out for a girls’ lunch. Just a box of chocolates?

I’m known as  being an ‘-aholic’ of all sorts; chocoholic, manoholic, wine0holic, you get the picture.  But despite loving chocolate, I can’t remember the last time I went out and bought myself a really nice box of chocolates.

I’ve discovered that as we get older, the things we really need are generally not things, or, if they are things, they are necessities or large-ticket items that we have to choose for ourselves.

This does not apply to romantic gift giving either. This must be pointed out for the man-dumb among us. In this case gents, send jewelry and plan and evening of very hot romance which ends naked under the glowing lights of the Christmas tree. Oh, also, because the Andshelaughs ladies are real, please  have breakfast planned.

So, if someone give you a box of chocolates this Christmas, don’t be a raging twatcycle. Remember that they didn’t have to give you damn thing, but they made the effort to give you a special treat, and really, what more could we ask for?


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