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Lego My Lego

legolandscapeLego used to be one of my favourite toys. So naturally, when I was cruising other blogs to see what everyone else had to say yesterday, I stopped to read the one about Lego. What can I say?  I’m just an intellectual at heart.

Vindinsinbrisbane’s post was  about how awful it is when people destroy things.

In a very broad sense, I suppose we all value building-up rather than tearing-down. In a self-righteous, superficial way, building up someone, or something just sounds better than tearing-down or destruction.

Reading about how children kept their Lego creations on their shelves for days to play with was news to me. I liked to build something new all the time, and part of my own childhood routine was to create, and then tear down so I had a box of Lego just waiting to be turned into something new the next time I wanted to play.

Part of the beauty of life has always been letting everything follow a natural cycle of creation and decay. If I had not reinvented myself time and time again as demands in my life changed, I would likely be dead, super-depressed, or homeless. Every area of study in every educational institution continually takes apart and recreates new ways of thinking about timeless subjects, and from that, we have the opportunity to evolve.

Yes, it’s always wonderful when you can create something beautiful; art, a career, relationships, social movements that improve quality of life, but there always, without fail, comes a time when most of these things get taken down, renovated, edited or revamped to stay relevant, and I’m ok with that.

Don’t be so afraid to take something apart in your life that you miss an opportunity to create something even more beautiful.


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