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…and Then There Are Days Like This

8658-573x761There are days that find us blissfully removed from worldly stresses and concerns.

There are days when our own little world and everything in it reeks of lollipops and sunshine and big, ole’ rainbows…

…and then there are days like today..

At exactly 3:21 p.m. I made the conscious and very executive decision that I must soon schedule a serious adults-only time-out. I made a mental list in my head of everything I would need;

1) Champagne

2) Man

Yep, just a two item list to sweep me from, “this cannot seriously be what life is all about” to “oh sweet love of all that’s holy, life and everything in it is goo-oo-ood!“.

In less than 24 hours I will officially be over-the-hump-of-the-famed-busy-time-of-year, and into a my favourite, hibernate in my office mode where I can set my OCD loose on organizing everything and ticking items off of my long, and ever growing to-do list.

So bring on the next 24 hours, and then get outta the way because I have some very serious, very champagne-soaked- and-possibly-naked relaxing to do.

Applications now being accepted for item 2 on the list. Only those candidates with the desired qualifications will be called for an audition.

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