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‘Tis The Season For Fancy Frocks ; Bonus Tip for the Gentlemen Included

sparkles…for parties and galas and fancy frocks- oh my!

Today my good friend and shopping mentor helped me pick out a new dress.

“Don’t let me spend more than an hour in here. Grab anything that you think might fit, and I’ll try it on, ” I said, already neck-deep in sequins and zippers. So began the hunt for a new fancy frock.

When you’re not a size 6, you are the price-tag’s bitch. You pay what you have to so you don’t look like Baby Huey in a onsie. On top of having gained weight, the boob fairy must have had a seizure when she shook the titty dust on me. I have capital-B-double-Oh-my!-BOOBS. I have not seen anything below my nipples and above my knee-caps since I was 12.  At this age, I’m never wowed by what looks back at me from the mirror.

I got to thinking last night that I really needed a new dress. Not because I coveted one. Not because I deserved one. Not because I was hoping to wow prince-charming.

I needed a new dress because I am beginning to feel a little like a sausage in the one I bought in honour of a romantic holiday weekend away.  That was two relationships ago, and the last relationship I was in ended about three years ago. So, that takes me back almost a decade.

Yes, you got it right. I’ve been wearing the same classic cocktail dress for a long, long time. Granted, I do have classic taste, I’ve gone up a size or two beyond the comfort level of my supportive undergarments.

My professional-quasi-social status requires a dress for at least one gala, and two Christmas parties this year. I can no longer go out and be worried about a ripple here, or how my spanx might be riding down when I sit and stand. I have to be on my game and focused on whomever I’m speaking with.

Trust me ladies, especially ladies of a certain age, ’tis the season. The party dresses are out and waiting for us to come and challenge them. Be brave, start your odyssey among the jewel-toned jungle of dress-racks and walls of accessories before all of the sized-for-real-humans are taken.

I also highly recommend taking a good friend, one who can zip and unzip you, bring you dresses that you never thought you’d look good in, and, if you’re like me, to coach you through the guilt of spending money on yourself. At times like this, our girlfriends are not our friends, they are priceless life coaches brave enough to get in the trenches and adjust our wiggly bits.

Shopping is not on my ‘Top 100 Things I Like To Do’ list. I have nothing but sincere gratitude for my gal-pal for not only coming with me, but having an eye for the dress I finally chose. What would we do without our girlfriends ladies?

Bonus tip for gentlemen: appreciate  your woman when you take her out, the world is still a tough place to be a lady and a professional. Be sure to pay her a sincere compliment, and remind her why she’s so special.

Wishing all of you a dress that makes you feel confident and even pretty.




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