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Dangerous Minds

"False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil." ~Socrates~
“False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.”

Dangerous minds are a tiny little drawer in the cabinet of evil that awaits anyone with a desire for connection. And we all desire connection my darlings. Every, single, solitary human soul craves connection above any other thing.

I am a woman of discernment. I know my mind and heart. It sounds simple, but in this crazy world, that’s no easy feat.

And so, it is with deep appreciation that I find men  with that same seemingly instinctual wisdom, and self-knowledge very attractive. How a person shows up in the world, and how carefully they have considered what it means to be kind defines who they are.

Quick lovers and  friends are often men and women who fall into this category. They live by impulse, addiction, and habitual patterns that carelessly draw people fast and close, releasing them quickly and recklessly.

But they are a not-so-rare beast, often disguised, even while in plain sight. They are common, yet obstacles to anyone wishing to live in a way that is gentle, kind, and fun.

The most dangerous of minds are those that do not know themselves. They are inconsistent and insincere. Too often they are the lovers and friends who wound us most deeply. Like rodeo clowns, they taunt  our wild hearts and minds only to trap their prey and take what they want.  Ah yes, they are the most ignorant and harmful of human beings.

It’s taken me years to recognize them, but I’m still fooled once in a while.  I know it way before they speak or put language to it. After all, I’ve given a lot of thought about how I communicate and treat other people. I practice kindness and patience daily, and I reflect long and hard on the times I know that I have given less than my best.

Knowing my own darkness, I have the ability to know a dangerous person more quickly and more certainly than most.

Dangerous minds have no real appreciation for anyone else’s feelings or hopes, but sputter meaningless words like Disney sets off fireworks. Anything for the kind of reaction their ego needs in the moment.

Whether it’s a quick friend when they feel lonely, a quick tumble in the sack when they’re on the rebound, or a favour when they’re in a pinch. Usually that’s all there is to the relationship. It lasts a few days, maybe a few weeks, but it only lasts as long as they need to consume some part of another’s energy.

Dangerous minds can put a strangle-hold on your belief in goodness. They are the darkness that all light must shine in spite of.

Unfortunately, they are often clothed as friends and neighbours.

Be careful my darlings, those with dangerous minds and no regard for the suffering they cause others might just be in your own backyard.




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