Happy Hallowe’en!!!

Wishing everyone an evening of fun and mischief….and maybe if you’re really good and bring wine, the Great Pumpkin will appear. Or me. I will appear if there’s wine involved…



Time to Slow Things Down

life is fastIt’s Thursday, my favourite day of the week. Time to assess what still needs to be accomplished before we pop the cork on Friday afternoon.

Take some time today just for yourself; to read, to create, to connect, to slow things down and remember what we’re here for.

Do something today that you’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Re-connect with that special someone you let slip away. Work on your writing, your art, your music.

Go for a coffee with a pal you haven’t made time for lately and catch up with what’s new.

Whatever you do, don’t let today fall into slumber without doing something that makes your heart smile.


Wednesday Romance – Go For It!


send someone a love letter

Tuesday Inspiration


An Open Letter to People Who Don’t Vote

vote hereYou suck.

Seriously. You do.

Today after work I made the effort to go vote. I know, living in a democracy and having the inconvenience of another ‘errand’ after work is awfully demanding.

There were no protestors blocking the entrance, and there was no funny business going on with vote tampering that I could see. No one coerced me into voting for a specific candidate. Nope.

Despite the recent assault on our country, the polling station here in my urban community was a pretty unthreatening place to be. If we don’t get a little more passionate about the way our country is led, this could soon change.

Like most citizens, I feel a bit beleaguered by the egoist, party-favouring politicians we have today. As much as I do feel that my vote is one of the lesser of two, maybe three evils, I still vote. After all, if I don’t like it, I can always throw my hat in the three-ring-political circus we call Canadian democracy.

If, like many people during the past provincial and federal elections you want to protest the whole shamozzle, you have the option of protest-voting, or declining your vote. That is to say, that when you’re handed your ballot, you accept the ballot, and then hand it back to the over-paid person sitting on the other side of the table, and they must register your vote as ‘declined’.

During the last election, this got quite a bit of attention. There was a clear message sent to our government that citizens were getting fed-up with their antics.

This is not going to be a finish-your-dinner-because-there-are-children-starving-in-China rant. No. What it is, is a list of rights you give up when you choose not to vote.

You give up the right to;

1) Pollute public aural space with your uneducated and ignorant opinions having anything to do with our country.

2) Pay respect to our veterans. By not voting you metaphorically spit in their face.

3) Bitch, whine, or moan about what social services you have available to yourself and  your loved ones.

4) Say anything about any kind of tax or the way public money is spent.

5) Live and work in a culture that is free from discrimination of any kind.

6)  Publicly funded education and all income support programs

7) Any international respect that comes with being a Canadian.

8) Call yourself a Canadian.

People who don’t vote,  roll out the welcome mat for the destruction of democracy. They perpetuate a dangerous apathy that has eroded our national values.

If you didn’t vote, or register your ‘declined’ vote, I feel behooved to tell you that you suck.

Love the Crap Out of Everything

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle darlings. Life is too short, too sweet and too precious for that nonsense!


I’ll Procrastinate Tomorrow

~ 5 Minute Read~

procrastinationOnce upon a time, in a magazine article far, far, away, I read about the benefits of procrastination.

If I recall correctly, the gist of the article was about procrastination being a psychological defense mechanism mothering us to accept inevitable change.


That’s what makes procrastination so easy to do. Procrastination slows down time so that we can adjust to what will change when we finally take action.

The thing is, I’ve never been much of a procrastinator. Nope. I jump right into things with two feet, head first, and with great abandon. My attitude is that you don’t know if you don’t try.

As I’ve aged I’ve been able to balance an all-or-nothing attitude with a wait-and-see-attitude. Sometimes I find balance, and sometimes I revert back to my habitual patterns; all in, or nothing at all.

Currently  I’m procrastinating about tidying up some editing of my novel. I’m not avoiding the writing, because I know how good it will feel to sweep the changes together and get on with my other book.

The reason I’m avoiding the emails and edits is because my editor died very suddenly last month.  I’m avoiding reading the last of his insight and encouraging words. I’m putting off the last words.  I’m putting off wondering if he said something I wished I would have asked one, last question about.

I’m putting off the reality of not being able to sit with him in the gallery lounge, sun streaming through the antique, glass windows that distort the world outside. I’m putting off getting on in a world missing a great, creative, soul whom I idealized as living a truly authentic life.

When I want to do something, whether it’s sending a text, picking up the phone, or, in this case, opening a series of emails I should have opened months ago, I know I need to ask myself why.  I know I need to give myself the respect to be honest with myself about the answer.

I wish  you the courage to be still and silent in your moments of procrastination so that you can hear that tiny whisper of your soul telling you the truth about what you need to do.

In Defence of Big Goblins & Ghosties

I wrote this a few years ago, but I think it’s worthwhile reposting.

This is my first year goblinless.

My kiddo is officially too old to go out for Hallowe’en, and even more than that, too tall.

At just over 6′ tall, the tallest in the school, he is not welcome on Hallowe’en doorsteps. Other kids the same age will be going out, because they’re small.

So, tonight, when the big kids show up on your doorstep (not the ones who show up at 10pm with beards and a pillowcase), be kind, and remember, they’re just kids on the inside, even if they’re tall on the outside.


Happy Friday!

Sky, fog, and clouds on a textured vintage paper background with grunge stains.

Live your story today so that you can tell it tomorrow. Have a beautiful Friday!

The Smile that Changes The World

lifeliveitSometimes a single smile can change your mood, and in such a way, your whole world in the present moment.

Those kinds of smiles are precious and rare. They are an outward expression of the divine within all of us. They make the smiler and the smilee better as a result of the spiritual alchemy between the two.

Quite often, it takes a lifetime to recognize the kind of smile I’m referring to; genuine, easy and radiant. Years ago I was given a compliment, that at the time, I didn’t fully understand. “You have an easy smile“.

No, it didn’t mean that I looked easy, or was easy. It meant that when I smiled it wasn’t put on, it was sincere. At the time I thought it was a really strange observation. “Isn’t every smile genuine“, I thought to myself, “why would anyone smile if they didn’t mean it“?

Ah, but there’s the rub my darlings. Smiles can be as deceiving as false promises and men with an itch to scratch. Yes indeed, having an ‘easy smile’ is a compliment.

Sometimes people who remain smiling and even happy despite difficult circumstances are accused of being fake, or even crazy. Just today I was mocked because I am generally cheerful as I go about my work-a-day business.  As the saying goes,

…and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

Indeed. I often hear the music of life that others can’t. It’s so easy to cast a dark shadow over light because it illuminates the cracks and flaws we all work to hide.

I am fortunate to have had the circumstance in life to be able to be peaceful within myself…sometimes. But I’ll take sometimes over never. I’ll take a genuine smile over a broken promise or frown-lines any day.

So, to everyone in my life who has an ‘easy smile’, thank you for believing that the glass is always half-full, that there is always a silver lining, that tomorrow is always  a fresh new days with no mistakes in it, and knowing that life is what you make of it.

If you see someone smiling, believe that smile. Take it with you, and then share it with someone else. Yours is the smile  changes the world, even if it’s just your own world.

Each smile has the power to change the world. Right now. In this moment.