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The Genius of Lazy Weekends

rockandspiritThere is a sly genius hidden within our unplanned weekends.

It stretches out like a bathing beauty whose supple body softly shapes itself around the curve of sand and stone. It does not wear dark sunglasses, a red bikini or a Hollywood-style headscarf for effect. No. This genius is laid bare, skin tone, as the colours of nature. It is often passed without notice.

Genius is not the button-pressing anxiety and pomp of a jeopardy champion, or the thousand-dollar suits worn by CEO’s. No, genius is like the down in your duvet, the moss on a stone, and a stream’s gurgle.

Unscheduled and unplanned time warps hours into seconds and days into months that tag memory and knowing with a clear path connecting the past, present and future.

If you spend your day- off with a to-do list,  an agenda of where-to-be-at-what-time, you may be checking off the mundane tasks you feel compelled to do. These are the tasks that rarely go undone (even if unplanned), often go unnoticed and feed the beast of hypnotic living rather than your well-being.

The creative act of being in nature, making music, stitching, painting, reading, conversation, allowing yourself the space and time to feel joy, mourn loss or fall in love, now these, these are the roots of life.

Put away your lists.

Go only where your heart and mind lead you. I guarantee, your down-time will rejuvenate, inspire, and do wonders for your whole-well-being. You will be awestruck by what you come to know through this kind of stillness.




A little bit quirky, a lot a bit fun... Women have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to valuable experience. Throughout we history we have encouraged one another to live with courage. What better way to celebrate our gifts and wisdom than to toast our sisterhood with creativity, shared insight and laughter? Welcome to Sit down and stay a while. Invite your friends. Share your wisdom with us.

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