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Random Thoughts of the Week

allwillbewellIt’s been a wobbly week my wonderful wildflowers. I found myself wondering at the way people in the world cope with, well darlings, this wonderfully blessed life.  My usual escapes for minor distractions are trashy novels, fashion magazines, and silent observation.

I offer you a list of random thoughts that brought clarity, calm and amusement to my week;

1) Why do models wearing boots always, look like they have Clydesdale hooves flopping around at the end of their spindly legs? I want to start seeing beautifully shaped and nourished calves poking out the top of these things.

2) I love reading perfume reviews. Well-written reviews can send me off into my own little fantasy world, followed by a very expensive trip to the perfume counter at  Holts or the Bay. Of Burberry’s latest scent, “My Burberry’; honey-hued juice in a square topped bottle with a horn-finish cap wrapped in a gabardine bow…Inside the rain-tinged scent…layers sweet pea, bergamot, quince, freesia, geranium ( I happen to have a thing for geranium in all of my aromatherapy massages), rose and patchouli...”  Um, yes please, I’ll take a bottle!!! (Quoted from the Globe & Mail September 2014 Style Advisor)

3) There is always a calm before the storm. In plainspeak, enjoy the quiet times because they are the universe’s way of telling you that something big is coming which will require heaps of energy. So, sleep in, stay home, snuggle up and enjoy the quiet.

4) Everyone wants something new and exciting. Tinned seafood (imported of course) was featured in an article recently as the new and trendy foodie item. Instead of creating something new, we recycle the past and let our brains wither like rancid walnuts. I picture the author of this article stretched out on the couch wearing two-day-old undies, eating cereal with one hand and scratching himself with the other. Do not, I repeat, do not, bring  tinned seafood imported from Spain as a hostess gift. So, in conclusion, everyone wants something new and exciting, but is too damn lazy to come up with anything new and exciting.

5) People who play politics in relationship, any relationship, really miss out on a lot. They miss out on being able to work from the heart, have authentic friendships, and most likely suck at romance and in the sack. Therefore, I shall remain carefree and appallingly simple when it comes to how I go about my day-to-day life. Trust me, it works.

6) Consumption for the sake of consumption hurts us all. The new trend of mixing wine with soda makes me want to cry. Apparently the world’s nouveau riche are wanting to impress their…colleagues? friends? lovers? with their wealth, and the world of wine has taken a hit to the cork. People around the world are pairing some of the best wines with soda in order make the wine more palatable. Sacrilege! It’s like buying a Porsche, turning the key and letting it sit in the driveway because you don’t know how to drive it. What a freaking waste.

7) This week I instituted ‘Happy Hour’ at our house. What with this being the back-to-school-and-back-to-serious-work season, we need time to wind down after our long days, and transition to a relaxing night of cooking, eating, and conversation. As it turns out, I’m on the leading edge of a North American trend to bring back the cocktail hour. Who knew?

8) Living simply, having patience, and being kind are really difficult things to do if you start to pay attention to every word and thought. Harmony is a very fine balance. Don’t beat yourself up if you dip one side of the scale once in a while.

9) Advice sucks. For instance; keep yourself occupied so you don’t think about a problem. Wrong. How about sitting in silence, observing where your mind goes, and understanding what about this problem creates fear? Trust me, fear of something usually is the root of our problems. Usually it’s fear of financial insecurity or being alone. Don’t bother throwing yourself into anything darlings. Just be. If your heart is telling you something listen. Trust me, the best things in my life have come from rejecting a relationship or job that wasn’t good. It was scary, but it made room for the unfolding of some wonderful things.

10) Book club books are the equivalent of clothing with huge logos. Why would you want to spend time reading something that every book review, half-wit and pseud0-intellectual hangs on to in order to fit in? Read something original that stimulates your mind.

That is all my darlings. A small sample of thoughts that have skittered their way through the grey highway of my mind. Have a beautiful day.



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