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Obstacles to the Simple Life

"Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man." ~Iain Duncan Smith~
“Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man.”
~Iain Duncan Smith~

I live life by the golden rule. I try my best to always treat others the way I would wish to be treated.

Unfortunately I realize that not everyone abides the same ethic, and that’s when living simply stumps me.

I like to think I’m right. All the time, and although I know in my wee-little-lady-brain that can’t possibly be true, I often  live in the glorious and light-filled illusion that it is.

But when I come head to head with someone difficult and am knocked off my unicorn, my habit is to stonewall. You see, that’s simply the kindest thing I can do. Throughout the years, I’ve learned that my stealthy and quick-witted tongue is as sharp and lethal as any dagger. So I simply clam up and carry on.

Earlier this year I decided that the best way to handle a person whom I find appallingly rude, selfish and a complete and utter social-knob, was to simply pretend as if they were not there. But, there they are, and pretending they’re not there isn’t bothering them as much as it bothers me.

Years ago, I came to the conclusion that being unfriendly was far more difficult than being politely civil. Saying hello and having the ability to engage in small talk is way more pleasant than having to act like someone doesn’t exist. Besides that, I believe ignoring another human being goes against everything sacred in the universe.

Difficult people, not the boxing day sale at Holt Renfrew,  are the biggest obstacle to living the simple life. We need other people, and we should be there for other people when they need us.

When we just can’t be, when our human nature is at its most primal, sometimes the best thing to do is to remove yourself from the situation. Like it or not, even adult, proper ladies need a self-imposed time-out every once in a while.

My time out this weekend has given me a chance to get some much-needed rest, visit with a gal-pal, mooch around cutesy shops to get some Thanksgiving Party ideas, and indulge in unrushed morning coffee whilst still in my nightie.  Way better than having to get up and give the cold shoulder.

Not being caught in the trappings of ‘things’ is often what we think of when we use the term, ‘simple life’. The most important thing, is to learn how to interact with people who challenge us. The best way to get better at that is not concocting witty comebacks, or more fully engaging in a battle of wits. No, the best way to overcome this difficult problem is to love yourself enough to remove your precious , one and only self from any situation that makes you uncomfortable.

Oh, and wine, the company of good men and even better chocolate. All of those things help too.






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