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Weekend Reminder List

tuesdayGood morning to you my fabulous readers.

I hope, with only two weekends of official summertime left, that you have something wildly delicious planned. In that vein, I will make this a short, but very important post.


~Top Ten Reminders For Every Day Health & Happiness~

1) The left lane is for passing. If you can’t see over your white knuckles on the steering wheel or  aren’t going the expected and forgivable 10km over the speed limit, move to the right lane. The far right lane.

2) Do not ask highly personal questions about someone’s past if you know that they’ve had a difficult one. Should someone subject you to this gauche questioning, throw something back at them like, ” Have you ever considered a silent retreat? That’s something I think I would enjoy doing with you.”

3) Concert etiquette dictates that for general admission seating at an outdoor event, that you do not put your skanky feet on my blanket patch of real estate. Having said that, it’s good to make friends with those around you.

4) When asking someone for some of their homemade summer preserves, return the jars afterward. Anyone who bottles the flavours of the season is happy to share, but not happy to invest in new hardware every year.  Not acting on this little courtesy ruins it for everyone.

5) Poetry, write it, read it, share it. We don’t have enough of that in this world.

6) If a coworker looks lost in their work, do not interrupt. Engineering a train of thought takes time and patience. One should not have to make emergency stops to chat about the weather.

7) Litter. Don’t. It seems to be a foreign concept to a lot of people. If I wanted your cigarette butts stuck to my shoe, I’d come over with my glue gun and glitter to do something about it.

8) Smile. Breathe. Be in the moment.

9) Mentor. You don’t have to have it in your job descriptions, but great leaders inspire, encourage and motivate every day all the time. If you don’t mentor your younger colleagues, who will?

10) Sleep in at least once a week. No alarm clock. Let your body and mind rest. How can you be fabulous darling, when you’re only half re-fueled?

~Wishing you a fantastic weekend!~


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