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The Echo of Silence

From Pinterest
From Pinterest

There is a deep wisdom in the echo of silence.

Usually we only discover this after words have cut through a tension not capable of being adequately described.

It is only through ritual, romance or the language of  our bodies that we come to know what is unknown, and woven into our essence as part of the thread of human mystery.

Whether you are a man, or a woman of a certain age, or, more accurately, a certain wisdom, time has revealed to you knowledge of good men and men who remain hungry ghosts even as they walk the earth.

I myself have known good men, intimately, even though they may be haunted by something that leaves them scarred and shaken.

I have also know those hungry ghosts; the ones who are never sated. No amount of money can satisfy their material desires, and no relationship enough to keep them honest or faithful. They continually try to control relationships until something better comes along. Giving just enough to have you hold on and create the illusion of potential.

Potential and unicorns exist in the same reality. They are figments of our imagination, and as lovely as they are, won’t come galloping in to save the day.

Why am I tell you this my darlings? Surely you must already know, but perhaps you have let yourself indulge in false hope like I’m prone to from time to time?

Unspoken words and absence speak more loudly than anything. Love and respect are not afraid of language to adorn and define them. Deceit and selfishness are.  Men ( or women) are not what your romantic spirit envisions their potential to be. They are simply as good as they are in any given moment.

honorintuitionTrust your instincts, for it is your intuition that most wisely advises your heart. I truly believe that if someone wishes to be in your life, they will be. Let your intuition dictate if it’s enough for you, and if not, carry on.

Age has no immunity to a broken heart. It only has the wisdom of experience, and the knowledge that pain of all sorts eases as time stretches and yawns before you.

Find solace in your work, a good book, or beautiful art when your heart cries, but whatever you do, don’t let your imagination speak to you of potential in a lover.






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