Defining Your Terms

20140805-163843-59923195.jpg I never use the term, ‘Lover’ lightly. It is a distinctly earned honour, requiring refined skill and absolute devotion.

Rarely do our lives offer a vast selection of possible lovers. Partners perhaps, but rarely does man deserve to be referred to as a ‘Lover’.

I’m not sure whether it’s a matter of choosing a lover as being lucky enough to fall into a relationship with one.

If that ever does happen, I have some advice for you:

Enjoy every succulent second. Memorize the lines of their face and body. Do not take them for granted.

The moment you feel taken for granted, unimportant or less fabulous than you are, you no longer have a lover darling.
You have a shagging partner.

Perhaps it’s more important to properly define a ‘Lover’. I believe that if your definition is clear, your choice is not whether you’ve chosen the right one, but if you’ve chosen a lover at all.


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