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Canada Day Eve

undiesMy darlings, I have to apologize for being tardy with my posts, however, a lady does have a life to lead at times which takes her away from her keyboard.

One of those things is  tequila, and the other is younger men. Guess which one I’m going for tonight, on the Eve of our nation’s birthday? Oh hell, why choose only one?!

As I’m busy perfuming and grooming, I will give you a quick list of ways to celebrate your day-off-in-the-middle-of-the-week.  But you must start now darlings, as it’s only one day off, with three more working days to follow. Yes, I know, sometimes life just isn’t fair pussy-cats, but we must persevere.



1) If you really are tapped, and have no energy, go for a long, hot soak, a glass of chilled white wine, and an early night in with your favourite chick flick.

2) If you have a little more energy than that, head to your local patio (walk, or take a cab), and down some Canadian Club and soda as you welcome Canada Day.

3) Entertaining in your pink and white’s is always an option, and since you have tomorrow off, it’s ok to be very naughty. Light some fireworks of your own! Put on your favourite playtime playlist, and pour something wonderfully strong and decadent to share with your lover-of-the-hour. Better yet, entertain a luscious piece of man-steak from another country, and introduce him to our fair charms. If your lover does not hail from a foreign land, make him speak with a foreign accent, and have him call you mistress. Just a suggestion.

4) If you have no lover on the horizon, or black book to back you up, bake a red velvet cake, ice it with white frosting, and pig-out in front of your copy of Bridget Jones’ Diary. Yah, it’s ok to take a fabulous break. Just don’t let it bleed into the rest of the week.

5) I also strongly suggest…..


……uh-oh! Gotta run! My foreign-born man-steak is ringing la bell….



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