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Alt Ctrl Delete & ReStart Your Self-Worth

deleteMy credentials have been questioned lately. I’m not just talking my CV either folks, I’m talking about my very value as a woman.

Yah, I know, right?!

We all go through it though. When you get promoted, colleagues ask, ‘What does she have that I don’t?’. When we get dumped, we ask the same thing.

But at some point, regardless of our title, or our marital status, we come to realize our own value. That’s when, “BAM!”, we hit Alt Ctrl Delete and reboot our own self-worth.

I was chatting with a younger colleague the other day who asked about my qualifications. I quickly ran through the list, and his response was, “Holy smokes, you’re stacked!”.

“Yah, I guess I am.” I said.

I am? Yes. I, um… Ok, sorta, yah…. I AM!

So when it was time to move on at work, and do some much deserved and desire climbing, I didn’t hesitate to go after what I wanted. It took two years, but it’s been good.

After thinking about my little encounter and impromptu resume quiz at work, and later a very wussy pile of whining from a lame excuse for a man,  I decided my little black book needed a refresher as well.

I’m known as a lover of men. I love every delicious bit of a man when I’m with him.

In the past I’ve hung on too long to men I’ve known were not the one.  Life becomes shorter and even more precious as the clock ticks. I’m proud to say I’ve been able to hit DELETE on my contact list a lot faster, with a much shorter moping-in-my-moo-moo time.  It’s all so much easier now that our black books are digital.




This time, there was no moo-moo-moping-time-at-all.
Whenever he turns out to be definitely-not-the-one, I’m always a bit disappointed. But I’m learning to listen to my intuition the first time, rather than waiting for an all out attack from my what-the-hell-was-I-thinking voice.

In our time of managing contact lists, hitting DELETE is quick and painless. It’s the most effective way to manage a lonely-moment-texting-weakness, and wash that man-wanna-be right out of your hair darlings.

If you’ve got a parasite hanging around who doesn’t make you happy, DELETE him.

My younger self used to say, “They always call.” Meaning; they always call My older, wiser self says, “Who cares?”.  There’s nothing better than not recognizing the number of the wrong man.






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