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A Quieted Mind

rest your mindThis morning I woke completely relaxed and unfettered by worries about what was on my to-do list.

I know exactly what I need to help shake off the skin of every-day-working-and-doing-it-all, and yesterday I got exactly what I needed.

Yesterday  it was tequila in the form of margaritas (slurpies for adults), and the resulting shenanigans that helped me unwind from my ever busy self.

Lately I’ve been busier than I have in a long time. I’ve neglected my Creative Self, and it’s starting to pull at my conscience. It’s little voice is whispering, “I’m still here, and I’m not going anywhere until you feed me“.

Thank you Creative Self for being so insistent and relentless in your will to survive. I need you.

When my mind is quiet, when I wake relaxed, and take my morning coffee on the patio in the still morning, that is when I hear my heart whisper. That is when my intuition finds its footing, and gathers strength.

I am a woman who fully trusts her intuition, and nurtures her creative spirit, even if it takes a little misbehaving and fermented agave a la frozen concoction maker.

Looking forward to the celebrations that will mark my 40th birthday, I’ve decided to listen to the whispers of my heart, and snuggle up with what makes me happy.

My wish for you on this Sunday, and every day, is that you find some quiet time to listen for those beautifully, bittersweet murmurs of your heart.  I hope that you hear what they tell you, and aren’t afraid to act on them.

If you need some courage, may I suggest  a little bit of  tequila and some Jimmy Buffett….







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