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That Ship Has Sailed

sailboatsPeople change.

So it naturally follows that what we want, what we need, and what makes us happy changes as well.

In a day, a moment, a split-second, everything can change. And, it can change back.

We live during a time when communication is too often summed up in pithy short one-liners that are often contradictory; “Don’t burn your bridges”, or if it suits you better, “Sometimes the future is best seen by the light of a burning bridge”.

Hmm…how on earth does a girl choose?

Do we light that sucker up, or do we keep smiling and leave the bridge in tact?

Well, if someone is toxic, mean-spirited, and generally an all around douche, burn that bridge baby.  Otherwise, keep your mouth shut and carry on.

Trust me, if you think that a certain ship has sailed, whether it be a relationship, professional contact, or opportunity, be sure that same ship will come back to port, if even just to refuel and load more rum.

Be ready for it darlings.

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