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Monday & The Glory of Bathroom Stalls

happyday…ah yes, the blessed beginning of the five day work week my darlings. Nemesis to the weekend and all things remotely relaxing and soul-inspiring.

But does it have to be that way? Do Mondays have to suck, preceded only by Tuesdays in the seemingly endless look to our sacred two days of weekend freedom?

No. They don’t have to stink, but often we put off our true calling until the weekend, or after five, or some such nonsense like that.

Do yourself a favour, today take a little time to plan your dreams, even if it’s taking refuge in the last bastion of solitude at the office; a bathroom stall.

Yes, I know, there’s no place like the toilet to make you feel uplifted. But, as my wig-wearing-80-something-year-old-auntie used to say, “Any port in a storm dear. Any port in a storm.”

So, today I wish you deep peace, and an even deeper knowing that you are worthy of whatever it is you are craving; prosperity, health, joy and yes my sweet little dumplings, even love.


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