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Tinder- I’m on Fire

firemanThis post is dedicated to my partner-in-blogging, Ralph, of BlueFishWay.

Yes, he’s older, he’s as crazy as me, and he’s absolutely fabulous darlings.

Life, is a carnival, and Ralph is going to enjoy the rides!

A while ago he posted a blog, exposing his human heart to the brutal world of love and romance, putting his ego on the line, and asking for our assistance to promote his single and oh-so-eligible-status. Go ahead, click the link above, and pass it on.

Well, his ballsy and honest self-promotion got me to thinking, and of course talking.

My wonderful gal-pal encouraged me to sign up for Tinder, an APP, that finds other Tinder users within a set proximity.

You swipe left if  you’re not interested, and right if you are. There’s not  the unending paragraphs of nauseating pooh that everyone posts; I love red wine. I’m into photography, travel and cooking. Can you keep up? Give me a break!

Some say it’s shallow, but no more shallow than that common drivel. Ick.

I declined my friend’s attempt to get me back out there on the dating scene, until this weekend after a night out on the town.  A fellow behind me at the pub was using Tinder, and I asked him how it worked. He was a cutie girls (too young for me, but had a lovely demeanor and knock-out smile), and he took the time to show me how the APP worked.

So, the next day, while having my Sunday hangover, I downloaded the APP.

Best of all, as I pulled into the office yesterday, I realized…wait for it…

I work next to a Fire Station…..

Shiver-me-Tinder, there is a God. Somebody call 911, I’m on fire!




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